Researchers develop 128Mb STT-MRAM with world's fastest write speed for embedded memory

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A research team has successfully developed 128Mb-density STT-MRAM (spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory) with a write speed of 14 ns for use in embedded memory applications, such as cache in IOT and AI. This is currently the world's fastest write speed for embedded memory application with a density over 100Mb and will pave the way for the mass-production of large capacity STT-MRAM.

Trump threatens NBC, then says it's 'disgusting' press can 'write whatever it wants'

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President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon that he found it "frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write."

Amper raises $4M to use AI to write music

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 Amper, a startup that offers AI-powered music composition, is announcing that it has raised $4 million in funding. The round was led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Foundry Group, Kiwi Venture Partners and Advancit Capital. Amper previously raised funding from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. You might not expect a film composer like Drew Silverstein (who founded the company with… Read More

Robot can write symphony...

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Robot can write symphony... (Second column, 6th story, link)

Romney may write in his wife's name to be president...

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Romney may write in his wife's name to be president...(Second column, 17th story, link)

Write it down: Trevor Story's effort, approach powers success

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Write it down: Trevor Story's effort, approach powers success

Adrien Broner -- I Need a Jail Pen Pal ... Please Write Me!

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Don't be fooled by the fun-loving inmates in "Orange Is the New Black" -- jail can be a VERY boring place ... which is why Adrien Broner is asking for pen pals to help pass the time!  TMZ Sports broke the story ... the boxer was taken into…

Chatty fiction app Hooked gets an update where readers can write stories, too

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 Fiction app Hooked launched last fall, aiming to reinvent fiction with short stories modeled on text message conversations. Next up: Letting readers write their own stories. That arrives today with the launch of Hooked 2.0. Any Hooked reader can now create characters and then write their story one message at a time. They can also include photos and videos. The idea of typing out a full story… Read More

STUDIES: Students who write outperform those who type...

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STUDIES: Students who write outperform those who type...(First column, 8th story, link)

Yahoo may write down goodwill value of Tumblr

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After spending $1.1 billion on Tumblr, Yahoo may write down the site's value following high traffic, but little revenue.

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