'I fixed a butterfly's broken wing to remember my mother'

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Romy McCluskey's late mother said butterflies were a sign she would always be with her. Those words inspired a remarkable act.

Russia plane crash: Flight recorder 'reveals faulty wing flaps to blame'

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Faulty wing flaps were to blame for Sunday's Russian airliner crash, Russian media reports say.

Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford Make Out, Do 'West Wing' Reunion Walk and Talk

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Sadly, Janney did not do 'The Jackal.'

Left wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany...

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Left wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany...(First column, 5th story, link)Related stories:EU military civil unrest training...Fire ravages Muslim prayer hall in Corsica...

'West Wing' Star Allison Janney Returns to White House and Takes Over the Press Briefing!

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C.J. Cregg was back behind the podium on Friday afternoon.

MH370 debris likely from wing, tailplane: Officials

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Two pieces of debris were very likely parts of vanished Malaysia Airlines MH370's wing and tail, officials said Tuesday.

Tropical birds develop 'superfast' wing muscles for mating, not flying

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Studies in a group of tropical birds have revealed one of the fastest limb muscles on record for any animal with a backbone. The muscle, which can move the wing at more than twice the speeds required for flying, has evolved in association with extravagant courtship displays that involve rapid limb movements, according to a report.

'West Wing' & 'GOT' Director -- I Lost Half In Divorce ... But I Get To Keep My Emmys!!!

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Emmy award winning TV director Alex Graves has finally hashed out a divorce settlement with his wife of 19 years ... and the split was pretty much even-steven.  Wife Sarah got half of the income from all his shows ... a pretty penny since…

Researchers document how broadbills make loud wing song

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Broadbills produce a startlingly loud sound that they make with their wings to mark off territory. Researchers have hypothesized that it is the outermost wing feathers that make the sound. Now a research team has found that it is not the outermost feather wings but the ones just inside of these feathers that make the klaxon-like sound.

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