NYC Has Just 5 Statues Of Historic Women. That's About To Change

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"We set out to correct a glaring inequity in our public spaces," said Chirlane McCray, the first lady of New York City. A number of cities are taking steps to honor women with statues and public art.

Space investors are coming to Disrupt SF 2018

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In the past couple of decades, Elon Musk’s efforts with SpaceX have partially kicked off a space race in the VC-funded rocket startup scene. At Disrupt SF 2018, we’re thrilled to host a panel of some of Silicon Valley’s top investors whose firms are eyeing the stars. Rob Coneybeer from Shasta Ventures, Tess Hatch from […]

Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Drivers

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The country allowed women to drive for the first time on Sunday, ending its widely-criticized ban on women drivers.

San Francisco to vote on menthol cigarettes and e-cigarette flavors ban

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Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds has poured nearly $12 million into opposing the measure.

Trump Hints At Plan To Create 'Space Force' As Sixth Military Branch

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While the Pentagon opposes the measure, the military has conducted operations in space for 50 years.

Lost In Space is coming back for a second season

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Netflix today announced that it will release a second season of Lost In Space, the big-budget sci-fi program that debuted in April. More Danger, Will Robinson. Lost in Space Season 2 is coming. — Lost In Space (@lostinspacetv) May 14, 2018 The series is a revamp of the original show from the 1960s. Season […]

Optimizing space travel efficiency

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Sending a human into space and doing it efficiently presents a galaxy of challenges. Scientists have explored ways to integrate the logistics of space travel by looking at a campaign of lunar missions, spacecraft design, and conducting research, to create a framework to optimize fuel and other resources.

Costa del Cosmos: First-ever space hotel to launch

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Tourists will soon be able to boldly go where no holidaymakers have gone before thanks to the launch of the first-ever luxury hotel in space.

U.S. women running for governor in record numbers

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A record number of women have filed to run for gubernatorial positions up for grabs in 2018, a new study shows.

San Francisco will regulate electric scooter sharing

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Electric push scooters have recently hit the streets of San Francisco. Over the last couple of weeks, LimeBike deployed some scooters in conjunction with local festivities in the city. And just yesterday, Bird launched its scooters in San Francisco. Spin has also deployed some scooters in the city. As it stands today, these scooters from […]

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