Startups Weekly: Will the Seattle tech scene ever reach its full potential?

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In this week's newsletter: WeWork files confidentially for IPO, Lyft loses scooter head and Magic Leap raises MORE money.

Startups Weekly: A much-needed unicorn IPO update

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In this week's newsletter: Details on Pinterest, Lyft, Uber and Zoom's upcoming IPOs, plus Glossier and Rent The Runway's big rounds.

Startups Weekly: Is Y Combinator’s latest cohort too big?

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Plus, e-scooter subscription services are a thing now, the Vision Fund is betting big on autonomous delivery and Facebook almost bought Unity.

Startups Weekly: Spotify gets acquisitive and Instacart screws up

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This week in startups: Turvo takes center stage, a mental health unicorn emerges and Reddit rakes in cash.

Startups Weekly: Even Gwyneth Paltrow had a hard time raising VC

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This week in startups: Celebrities mingle with VCs at the Upfront Summit, Pinterest preps banks for IPO and Sam Altman has a grand new idea.

Startups Weekly: Squad’s screen-shares and Slack’s swastika

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We’re three weeks into January. We’ve recovered from our CES hangover and, hopefully, from the CES flu. We’ve started writing the correct year, 2019, not 2018. Venture capitalists have gone full steam ahead with fundraising efforts, several startups have closed multi-hundred million dollar rounds, a virtual influencer raised equity funding and yet, all anyone wants to talk […]

Startups Weekly: Will Trump ruin the unicorn IPOs of our dreams?

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We explore the government shutdown's connection to tech IPOs, recount the demise of a well-funded AR project and introduce readers to an AI-enabled self-checkout shopping cart in this week's startups weekly.

Startups Weekly: Raising huge sums quickly

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 Hey, did you know that TechCrunch sends out a weekly newsletter rounding up the latest startup news? Well, we do! But for as-yet-unidentified technical reasons, it doesn’t seem to have gone out today, so I’m publishing it here. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? 1. What does it take to be a startup that raises huge sums quickly? “Trait No. 1:… Read More

US jobless claims fall after two straight weekly increases

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The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell last week after two straight weekly increases.

Copper faces weekly drop as supply concerns ease

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Copper steadied on Friday but was set to end the week almost 2 percent lower as workers agreed to resume work at the world's top copper mine in Chile.

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