Mariah Carey Just Won the Bottle Cap Challenge With This Secret Weapon

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See the singer's incredible contribution to the viral video challenge.[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Vehicles Becoming Favored Attack Weapon...

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Vehicles Becoming Favored Attack Weapon... (Top headline, 5th story, link) Related stories:London jihadi was known to MI5 for violent extremism...Khalid Masood...HOW ONE OPEN GATE LET KNIFE MANIAC IN TO KILL...ISIS claims responsibility...Le Pen demands border controls...Utah man killed, wife badly injured...HOPKINS: We can't go on like this...

Jackie Warner Arrested on Assault With Deadly Weapon, Ambien Defense

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Jackie Warner, who starred in a Bravo fitness show, has been arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon, and we've learned her defense is a little white pill called Ambien. Law enforcement sources tell us Jackie crashed her car in West…

Families of Americans killed by ISIS sue TWITTER for being 'weapon of terror'...

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Families of Americans killed by ISIS sue TWITTER for being 'weapon of terror'... (Second column, 13th story, link)

Hillary Clinton's secret weapon: Wellesley

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Nancy Wanderer has proudly worn an "Elect Hillary Clinton" shirt every single day from the Democratic National Convention in July until Election Day. Her car has eight Clinton campaign stickers on it.


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TRUMP: 'SINGLE WEAPON SHE HAS IS THE MEDIA'...(Top headline, 5th story, link)Related stories:40 DAYS: CLINTON 'PANIC MODE' OVER BLACK VOTERS...DESPERATE: Female Celebs Strip For Hillary...Broaddrick Takes On Chelsea Over Bill's Past...LA TIMES: DONALD +4...

Immunotherapy: a New Weapon Against Cancer

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Researchers are arming patients’ immune cells to fight their disease.

China launches 'anti-satellite weapon'...

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China launches 'anti-satellite weapon'...(Second column, 22nd story, link)

Early armored dinosaur from Texas lacked cousin's club-tail weapon, but had a nose for danger

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First-ever CT scans of the early armored dinosaur Pawpawsaurus campbelli reveal that although the Texas dino lacked its cousin's club-tail it had a sharp nose for danger. A relative of Ankylosaurus, Pawpawsaurus's saving grace from predators may have been an acute sense of smell, says vertebrate paleontologists. Pawpawsaurus lived 100 million years ago, preceding Ankylosaurus by 35 million years. CT scans allow scientists to determine how the animal's brain functioned.

Luxury real estate's new weapon: Celebrity brokers

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In the escalating arms race of luxury real estate, sellers have a new, not-so-secret weapon: Celebrity brokers.

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