Visual cortex plays role in plasticity of eye movement reflex

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The visual cortex – a region of the brain known to process sensory information – plays a key role in promoting the plasticity of innate, spontaneous eye movements, according to a study.

When Blind People Do Algebra, The Brain's Visual Areas Light Up

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A study of 17 people who have been blind since birth found that areas of the brain usually devoted to visual information become active when a blind person is solving math problems.

New angles on visual cloaking of everyday objects

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Using the same mathematical framework as the Rochester Cloak, researchers have been able to use flat screen displays to extend the range of angles that can be hidden from view. Their method lays out how cloaks of arbitrary shapes, that work from multiple viewpoints, may be practically realized in the near future using commercially available digital devices.

High-power prismatic devices may further expand visual fields for patients with hemianopia

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Three new eyeglasses have now been designedusing high-power prisms to optimally expand the visual fields of patients with hemianopia, a condition in which the visual fields of both eyes are cut by half. The new designs address some limitations of existing prism correction available to this population.

Neuroscientists find evidence for 'visual stereotyping'

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The stereotypes we hold can influence our brain's visual system, prompting us to see others' faces in ways that conform to these stereotypes, neuroscientists have found.

Surprising central role of darks in brain visual maps

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Scientists have been studying how visual space is mapped in the cerebral cortex for many decades under the assumption that the map is equal for lights and darks. Surprisingly, recent work demonstrates that visual brain maps are dark-centric and that, just as stars rotate around black holes in the Universe, lights rotate around darks in the brain representation of visual space.

Beyoncé Surprises The World Again With New Visual Album 'Lemonade'

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Surprise has become a signature move for the superstar, who dropped her sixth studio album during an HBO special Saturday. It follows a sweeping narrative arc of rage to redemption.

Beyoncé Drops New Visual Album 'Lemonade'

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Last night Beyonce dropped some new music on the world. NPR's Rachel Martin takes a moment to listen to it.

News: Citymax Hotels unveils dynamic new visual identity

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Citymax Hotels, the hospitality division of the Landmark Group, has reveal the launch of its refreshed visual identity, together with a preview into its re-designed rooms. This exciting process has been inspired by and created to meet the needs of the modern informed traveller. Bold, vibrant and full of life, the re-brand is a response to the changing audience profile Citymax has attracted over the last five years.

Visual test to quickly check brain function quality developed by scientists

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A simple technique to measure an individual's visual processing speed -- the speed at which an individual can comprehend visual information -- has been developed in order to identify whether or not they may have cognitive issues. The recent study focuses on using a simple test of visual flicker to evaluate an individual's level of executive cognitive abilities.

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