Former Amazon executive uses Bezos' mock press release trick at his smart home company

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Charlie Kindel burned out at Amazon, but he's still influenced by its practices in his new gig at home automation company Control4.

Maths trick blows people's minds on Twitter

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Figuring out percentages can be a nightmare - especially if you haven't got a calculator to hand.

Here's an awesome iPhone trick that makes web pages much easier to read

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Always-on Automatic Reader View turns web pages into cleanly formatted text stories without graphics, ads, videos or other material.

NFL's Delanie Walker Balled Out with U.S. Soldiers, Hit Trick Shot!

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Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker JUST returned from a trip with the U.S. military -- and says he realized he played college football against one of the soldiers! Walker was part of a USO tour to various U.S. military bases in the Middle…

'Bachelor' Contestant Corinne Tries Sexy Whipped Cream Trick, Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

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"The Bachelor" star/villain Corinne Olympios was at it again Monday, wearing a flasher-style trench coat while trying to seduce Nick Viall with whipped cream on her cleavage ... it didn't work at all. Nick gets all,…

Seattle man charged with running elaborate fake adult entertainment agency to trick women into sex

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A 40-year old technology blogger is charged with numerous violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act, reports NBC News.

Janet in 'Trick 'r Treat': 'Memba Her!?

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Moneca Delain is best known for her role as the sexy seductress turned werewolf, Janet -- opposite Anna Paquin -- in the 2007 Halloween thriller "Trick 'r Treat." Guess what she looks like now!

This trick will boost your credit score and won't cost you a dime

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Want a bigger credit limit? Getting one can be as simple as asking and may boost your credit score.

Trick of the light may help diseased plants attract greenfly

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The leaves of virus-infected plants reflect light differently to attract the attention of disease-spreading greenfly, new research suggests. Scientists have shown for the first time that plant viruses alter the surface of leaves, influencing how light is polarized and helping insects to potentially 'see' infected plants.

Woman perv used rubber penis to trick girls into sex...

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Woman perv used rubber penis to trick girls into sex...(Third column, 10th story, link)

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