MoviePass CEO proudly says the app tracks your location before and after movies

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 Everyone knew the MoviePass deal is too good to be true — and as is so often the case these days, it turns out you’re not the customer, you’re the product. And in this case they’re not even attempting to camouflage that. Mitch Lowe, the company’s CEO, told an audience at a Hollywood event that “we know all about you.” Read More

ISIS Tracks American Soldiers Online...

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ISIS Tracks American Soldiers Online... (Second column, 12th story, link) Related stories:NEW TERROR THREAT BEHIND IPAD BAN...Former Israeli airport security boss: Makes little sense...Yemen raid triggered move...Pentagon braces to face more-advanced 'suicide' aircraft...

Why Facebook tracks internet outages around the world

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The internet doesn't have an off switch. While it's interesting to imagine pressing a big red button and -- poof! -- the internet goes out around the world, it's actually much more complicated than that.

SHOCK: NYC man decapitates self on subway tracks...

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SHOCK: NYC man decapitates self on subway tracks... (First column, 9th story, link)

Team tracks rare T cells in blood to better understand annual flu vaccine

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A team has found a way to identify the small population of circulating helper T cells present in the blood after an annual flu vaccine to monitor their contribution to antibody strength. A technique that identifies these helper immune cells could inform future vaccine design, especially for vulnerable populations.

Secret Tool Tracks Customers at Restaurants, Nightclubs...

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Secret Tool Tracks Customers at Restaurants, Nightclubs...(Third column, 7th story, link)

Stopping cancer in its tracks

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Inhibiting autophagy, the process cells use to degrade large intra-cellular cargo, effectively blocks tumor cell migration and breast cancer metastasis in tumor models. Metastasis is responsible for 90 percent of cancer deaths. There are approved drugs that can disrupt autophagy.

'Two thousand' unreleased tracks...

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'Two thousand' unreleased tracks...(Top headline, 13th story, link)Related stories:PURPLE HAZE: PRINCE TREATED FOR OVERDOSE DAYS BEFORE DEATH...DEATH RAISES NUMEROUS HEALTH QUESTIONS...ALARMING PHARMACY RUNS...Autopsy Results Could Take Weeks...SHERIFF: No Obvious Signs of Trauma...Did study predict?All night dance party honors...Iconic singer leaves behind prolific, groundbreaking catalog...'Showing Everything, Revealing Nothing'...Push for Control Set Example for Today's Artists...INSIDE PAISLEY PARK...Will We Ever Hear The Music In Vault?VIDEO: REFLECTION...

Helicopter crashes on train tracks near Baltimore-Washington Airport

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(Reuters) - A helicopter that was inspecting power lines crashed on rail tracks near Baltimore/Washington International Airport on Saturday, sparking a brush fire and delaying Amtrak train service along a major passenger route, officials said.

Shot in the dark: New surveillance tool called shotspotter tracks and records incidents of gunfire

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When gunfire is heard and unreported, what does it reveal about the state of crime in America? One expert is determined to find out. She has been using data from new surveillance technology to research the disparity between the number of recorded gunshot sounds and the number of reported incidents of gun violence.

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