Tiny fossils unlock clues to Earth's climate half a billion years ago

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Scientists have quantified the temperature of Earth's oceans over half a billion years ago by combining fossil data and climate models.

K.C. Chiefs Rookie QB Patrick Mahomes Robbed By Tiny Man, Cops Make Arrests (MUG SHOTS)

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K.C. Chiefs rookie Patrick Mahomes II was robbed at gunpoint in Texas on Friday by a tiny bad guy who stole the QB's wallet ... but don't worry, cops believe they have the suspect. The 10th pick in the '17 NFL Draft told police he and 3 friends…

How top investor Marc Andreessen stays open-minded: Imaginary arguments with a tiny Peter Thiel

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Marc Andreessen told Stanford students he has a unique trick to keep himself objective and consider other points of view.

Carbon nanotubes self-assemble into tiny transistors

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Carbon nanotubes can be used to make very small electronic devices, but they are difficult to handle. Scientists have developed a method to select semiconducting nanotubes from a solution and make them self-assemble on a circuit of gold electrodes.

Nicki Minaj Rocks Tiny Bikini in Gucci Mane's 'Make Love' Music Video -- Watch!

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The 34-year-old rapper flaunts her curves during a mansion party.

Buford: Come for the Coffee, Stay ... To Keep The Tiny Town Open

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The self-proclaimed smallest town in America, Buford, Wyo., population one, is in danger of losing its last resident and being removed from the maps completely.

This tiny home company just raised $15 million, and has big-city dreams

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A start-up that promotes "tiny" living is on its way to helping stressed-out city dwellers find a happy place.

Cloud of tiny flying machines...

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Cloud of tiny flying machines... (First column, 6th story, link) Related stories:Pentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm...

Emoji fans meet up in San Francisco to celebrate the tiny icons

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Have you ever wondered how emoji are made? Or why crying emoji look different on iOS and Android?

Tiny GA Town Receives More Syrians Than LA, NYC -- COMBINED...

LakeArrowhead (#1) 852 days ago World News tiny ga town receives syrians la nyc -- combined All   Discuss  | Add To 
Tiny GA Town Receives More Syrians Than LA, NYC -- COMBINED...(Second column, 10th story, link)Related stories:Texas withdrawing from refugee resettlement program...

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