Data flows from NASA's TESS Mission, leads to discovery of Saturn-sized planet

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Astronomers who study stars have contributed to the analysis of a planet discovered by NASA's new TESS Mission. It's the first planet identified by TESS for which the oscillations -- 'starquakes' -- of the planet's host star could be measured.

Size 22 Model Tess Holliday: 'I AM Fat, So It's Silly To Get Mad About It'

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Tess also says she's a hit with African-American men.

What a Body! At 280 Pounds Tess Holliday Is a Cover Model

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It's the battle of the body issues!

Everything You Need to Know About Tess Holliday, the Size 22 Supermodel Who Is Changing the World

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“I really like to portray something sexy and positive for plus size women.”

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