Cowen lowers Tesla price target to $180 and says Model 3 deliveries could be weaker than expected

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Tesla Model 3 deliveries might be lower than previously expected in the first quarter, and slackening U.S. demand could be to blame, said Cowen analyst Jeff Osborne.

Here's how many people Tesla laid off at its California facilities

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Tesla dismissed 1,017 California employees in its recent layoffs, according to documents filed with the state's Employment Development Department.

Former Tesla accounting chief Dave Morton is going to Anaplan

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Anaplan has hired a new CFO, Dave Morton, after his brief stint as Tesla's Chief Accounting Officer.

Tesla is asking Model 3 reservation holders for another $2,500 to order their cars

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Would-be Model 3 owners already put down a $1,000 refundable deposit to "reserve" one of Tesla's Model 3s. Those reservation holders must pay an additional $2,500 to turn their reservations into an order

Here's the memo Elon Musk just sent announcing a major shakeup at Tesla

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Tesla will begin the restructuring process CEO Elon Musk discussed on a conference call in early May.

What happened to the Tesla that Elon Musk shot into space?

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Read full story for latest details.

Tesla could face an uphill slog in China

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Tesla may be edging nearer to making its electric cars in China, but the U.S. company will still face barriers in the world's largest auto market.

New Volvo brand aims for Tesla

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Volvo is creating a new electric vehicle brand that aims to make a car that will to compete directly against the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla extends battery life for Irma evacuees

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Tesla remotely extended the battery capacity for some of its drivers evacuating Hurricane Irma.

Sparks fly over TESLA valuation...

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Sparks fly over TESLA valuation... (Third column, 5th story, link)

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