Striking Los Angeles teachers rally near City Hall as talks resume

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Tens of thousands of striking Los Angeles teachers were joined by parents and students in a rally near City Hall on Friday, as contract talks mediated by the mayor resumed behind closed doors after a marathon negotiating session the day before.

Trump walks out of shutdown talks with a 'bye-bye'

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The US president walks out of a meeting aimed at ending a nearly three-week government shutdown.

Trump-Putin summit: US leader cautious ahead of Helsinki talks

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The US leader will enter a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Finland with "low expectations".

Trump and South Korea's Moon to hold talks on Kim summit

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South Korea's leader is in Washington ahead of the US and North Korean leaders' historic summit.

US-China trade talks end with strong demands, but few signs of a deal

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The U.S. stepped up its demands on China, but after two days there remained no deal and no date set for further talks.

Columbus Collaboratory’s Jeff Schmidt talks about the future of security

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In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Jeff Schmidt of the Columbus Collaboratory. He is well-versed in the future of security and our conversation ranged from the rise of the midwest to the future of cyberattacks. The Columbus Collaboratory is a unique think tank dedicated to building security and system solutions for major clients. […]

Pivotal CEO talks IPO and balancing life in Dell family of companies

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Pivotal has kind of a strange role for a company. On one hand its part of the EMC federation companies that Dell acquired in 2016 for a cool $67 billion, but it’s also an independently operated entity within that broader Dell family of companies — and that has to be a fine line to walk. […]

Trump 'will walk out' if North Korea talks not fruitful

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The US president and Japanese PM agree maximum pressure will be kept on North Korea.

MoviePass CEO backpedals on location tracking and talks strategy to break even by 2019

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 In a rare moment of contrition, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe admitted misleading both consumers and advertising execs with statements last week that the company tracks the location of users before and after they go to the movies. “We don’t do the things I described,” he told TechCrunch. As for location, “We don’t record it, we don’t save it, we don’t… Read More

Crypto author Paul Vigna talks about the future of token sales

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 Paul Vigna, along with his writing partner Michael Casey, are crypto gurus. A crypto critic and Wall Street Journal reporter, Vigna sees through the hype and looks for the value inherent in the crypto system. Vigna and I spoke during this, the 100th episode of Technotopia. Vigna has a lot to say about the market and feels that his new book, the Truth Machine, picks up where his and… Read More

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