Oral antibiotics may raise risk of kidney stones

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Pediatric researchers have found that children and adults treated with some oral antibiotics have a significantly higher risk of developing kidney stones. This is the first time that these medicines have been linked to this condition. The strongest risks appeared at younger ages and among patients most recently exposed to antibiotics.

Link between lipoproteins and kidney stones in children, urology research team suggests

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Excess lipoproteins and fatty acids may be associated with the development of painful and often chronic kidney stones in children, new research shows.

Roller coasters cure for kidney stones...

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Roller coasters cure for kidney stones...(Second column, 13th story, link)Related stories:Temporary tattoos treat chronic health issues...

Don't Let Big Oil Throw Stones at the Ethanol Mandate

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Apologists are trying to blame ethanol for oil's problems.

More urinary tract stones are being treated with surgery

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Researchers who analyzed recent trends related to urinary tract stones in the UK found a sustained and high prevalence of the condition, with an increased trend to treat patients with surgery. The number of upper urinary tract stone episodes in hospitals increased from 83,050 in 2009-2010 to 86,742 in 2014-2015. The use of non-invasive shock wave lithotripsy remained stable over this time; however, surgical intervention for stones in the ureter or kidney rose nearly 50% from 12,062 to 18,055 cases in the 5-year study period.

$8 -- Mesa: '60s Tribute Band: Music of Beatles, Stones

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In a tribute to popular UK bands of the 1960s, The Rave performs hits from the British Invasion.

Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' trailer debuts as a true-life thriller

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"Snowden," the new Oliver Stone biopic about Edward Snowden, debuted its first official trailer on Wednesday.

Revisiting 'Rolling Stone's' Discredited Campus Rape Story

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T. Rees Shapiro, a Washington Post reporter who helped break the story, brings us updates on what's happened since the magazine retracted its story about a rape at the University of Virginia.

'Jackie' of Rolling Stone's discredited rape story testifies under oath

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The woman whose explosive allegations about a gang rape at the University of Virginia served as the centerpiece of a discredited Rolling Stone story has testified under oath for the first time.


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ROLLING STONES ROCK CUBA WITH HISTORIC CONCERT...(Second column, 11th story, link)Related stories:PAPER: Pope tried to stop...Cuban Agents Crack Down On Pro-Democracy Protests After Obama Visit...

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