George, Reclusive Hawaiian Snail And Last Of His Kind, Dies At 14

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While he was but one very lonely Achatinella apexfulva, his death takes place amid a crisis for Hawaii's native snails, whose populations have been decimated by invasive species.

New land snail species from Australia shows dissection not necessary to identify molluscs

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Dissection might prove unnecessary when identifying new molluscs after scientists described a previously unknown land snail based on its genitalia, yet without damaging the specimen in the slightest. Thanks to this novel method, the biologists have now discovered the first new Australian snail of its family for the last 33 years.

Pain drug in pipeline as researchers unwind marine snail puzzle

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A big step toward the holy grail of biomedical science has been made -- a new form of effective pain relief. Marine snail venom has been a well-known and promising source of new pain drugs, but substantial hurdles had restrained progress to date.

Use snail mail to thwart spies, Assange tells journalists...

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Use snail mail to thwart spies, Assange tells journalists...(Third column, 7th story, link)

Brushing off the dust: New snail species found lying in a museum since the 19th century

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Having been collected back in the 19th century during an expedition in South America, a rather small snail species has been sitting around on the shelves of Madrid's National Museum of Natural Sciences ever since. Covered in more than a century-old dust, it was described as new only recently when an obscure specimen placed in the long tail of a historical collection drew the attention of Drs. Breure and Araujo.

Killer sea snail a target for new drugs

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Pain treatment researchers have discovered thousands of new peptide toxins hidden deep within the venom of just one type of Queensland cone snail. Researchers hope the new molecules will be promising leads for new drugs to treat pain and cancer.

Clever snail? Animals, like humans, excel at some tasks but not others

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Animals, like humans, excel at some tasks but not others. Researchers used pond snails to investigate learning and memory. They found that if an individual is good at forming memories about food they are poor at forming memories related to predator threat and vice versa.

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