Americans are sicker and dying younger, despite the billions pouring into digital health

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Venture investors are chasing breakout successes in digital health, but those investment dollars aren't making people healthier.

Obamacare patients sicker and pricier than expected

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Read full story for latest details.

Does Going to the Hospital Make You Sicker?

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'Post-hospital syndrome' is real, but can be combated. 

Older, Sicker Patients Admitted to Hospitals on Weekends, Study Says

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This could contribute to higher death rate between Friday, Monday

STUDY: World's Population Getting Older, Sicker...

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STUDY: World's Population Getting Older, Sicker...(Second column, 11th story, link)

World's Population Is Getting Sicker, Study Shows

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People lose more 'years of healthy life' to illness now than they did in the 1990s, global survey reports

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