Showing the power of startup women’s health brands, P&G buys This is L

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The P&G acquisition of This is L., a startup retailer of period products and prophylactics, shows just how profitable investing in women’s healthcare brands and products can be. A person with knowledge of the investment put the price tag at roughly $100 million — a healthy outcome for investors and company founder Talia Frenkel. But just as […]

Apple just signed a deal with its former top rival, Samsung, showing how the company's changing

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Apple iTunes and AirPlay 2 are coming to Samsung smart TVs.

Sia is Showing Off These Days ... Her Face!!! (PHOTO)

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Sia is showing off these days ... and her face says it all!! The singer let loose at LAX Wednesday and didn't sport her signature wig that usually covers her face ... and we gotta say, she looks pretty damn amazing. We like.

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Watts Dishes on Showing Support for Ex Liev Schreiber: He's 'An Extraordinary Talent'

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Despite their split in September, the actors are making their amicable friendship work for their two kids.

Police release video showing shooting of unarmed WHITE man...

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1097 days ago World News police release video showing shooting unarmed white man All   Discuss  | Add To 
Police release video showing shooting of unarmed WHITE man...(Third column, 5th story, link)Related stories:3 FIREFIGHTERS FIRED FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER COMMENTS...

Battle Gets Bitter With Polls Showing 'Leave' Holds Lead...

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Battle Gets Bitter With Polls Showing 'Leave' Holds Lead...(Third column, 3rd story, link)Related stories:'Remain' Campaigners Rush To Blame Brexit For MP Attack...Killer had 'mental health problems'...Londonistan Mayor Hosts Rally...Investors scramble to fend off risks...Stay home, Spain tells Cameron before Gibraltar trip...Catalans worn down by long independence drive...

Robot workers showing up in malls, hotels, parking lots...

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Robot workers showing up in malls, hotels, parking lots...(Third column, 13th story, link)

Combining radiation with immunotherapy showing promise against melanoma

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Combining radiation treatments with a new generation of immunotherapies is showing promise as a one-two-punch against melanoma, researchers report.

Trump releases personal financial form showing he's worth $10B

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Allen ConeNEW YORK, May 18 (UPI) -- Donald Trump has released his second personal financial statement, which is required of all presidential candidates.

'Showing Everything, Revealing Nothing'...

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'Showing Everything, Revealing Nothing'...(Top headline, 9th story, link)Related stories:PURPLE HAZE: PRINCE TREATED FOR OVERDOSE DAYS BEFORE DEATH...DEATH RAISES NUMEROUS HEALTH QUESTIONS...ALARMING PHARMACY RUNS...Autopsy Results Could Take Weeks...SHERIFF: No Obvious Signs of Trauma...Did study predict?All night dance party honors...Iconic singer leaves behind prolific, groundbreaking catalog...Push for Control Set Example for Today's Artists...INSIDE PAISLEY PARK...Will We Ever Hear The Music In Vault?'Two thousand' unreleased tracks...VIDEO: REFLECTION...

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