Shark hotspots under worldwide threat from overfishing

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Over 150 scientists from 26 countries combined movement data from nearly 2,000 sharks tracked with satellite tags. Using this tracking information, researchers identified areas of the ocean that were important for multiple species, shark 'hot spots', that were located in ocean frontal zones, boundaries in the sea between different water masses that are highly productive and food-rich.

Great white shark genome decoded

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In a major scientific step to understand the biology of this iconic apex predator and sharks in general, the entire genome of the white shark has now been decoded in detail.

Trump trade war threat sets up G7 summit clash...

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Trump trade war threat sets up G7 summit clash... (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories:Putin takes aim at West...Talks Third World War, Russia's first World Cup... Advertise here

An AI oncologist to help cancer patients worldwide

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Before performing radiation therapy, oncologists review medical images to identify tumors and surrounding tissue, a process known as contouring. Researchers have developed a new method for automating the contouring of high-risk clinical target volumes using artificial intelligence and supercomputers. They found the predicted contours could be implemented clinically, with only minor or no changes.

Shark Attacks Force Cancellation Of Australian Surfing Competition

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The World Surf League announced it was shutting down the Margaret River Pro in West Australia after two recreational surfers were attacked. The event was to have run through this weekend.

Ending overfishing would stop the population declines of endangered bycatch species about half the time

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A study finds that ending overfishing would stop the population declines of endangered bycatch species about half the time.

Trump steps up war of words on trade with threat to tax EU cars

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The US president steps up the war of words on trade, condemning the "big trade imbalance".

Why the great white shark doesn't deserve its reputation

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Shark diving is helping tourists improve their perception about the largest predatory fish in the world.

Tensions Rise Between Tillerson And Trump As The Threat Of War In N. Korea Looms

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New Yorker writer Dexter Filkins says Sec. of State Rex Tillerson is a diplomat in an administration that doesn't value diplomacy: "Rex is a sober, steady guy, and the president is anything but that."

CBO Shows Impact of Donald Trump's Obamacare Sabotage Threat

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New numbers show the impact of Trump's health care threats.

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