Twitter's Bain: I'm sticking to scaling revenue

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Adam Bain, Twitter's president of global revenue, discusses rumors he's a front-runner for the CEO spot and new products.

Afghan Women Climbers Face Challenges Beyond Scaling Summit

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It's been a difficult two months of intense training in secret for a dozen Afghan girls and women who are preparing for an unprecedented climb to Afghanistan's highest peak.

'Jackass' Star Steve-O Arrested After Scaling a Crane in Hollywood for Anti-SeaWorld Stunt

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The 41-year-old daredevil posted videos of himself to Facebook as he prepared and executed the wild stunt.

Bleeding woman seen screaming for help, scaling 8-ft wall...

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Bleeding woman seen screaming for help, scaling 8-ft wall...(First column, 7th story, link)Related stories:Saudi Prince Arrested in Beverly Hills Compound for Sex Assault...

Scaling mental resilience more effectively

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Many people get on with their lives after traumatic experiences without any psychological suffering. This is because, in spite of all the trauma, they manage to pigeonhole what they have experienced. Although this sense of coherence was first described in the 1970s, measuring it has remained problematic to this day. Psychologists have now developed a questionnaire that renders the sense of coherence in overcoming trauma tangible in a more appropriate way.

France’s Singular Unicorn BlaBlaCar’s Secret To Scaling Fast Globally

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 BlaBlaCar pulled in $200 million and spread its ride-sharing platform to 20 countries this year. It now claims 25 million members worldwide. Co-founder and COO Nicolas Brusson told the TechCrunch Disrupt London audience in an onstage interview today at least 50 percent of that growth is from emerging markets like as Russia and India. Read More

Intruder with backpack arrested after scaling White House fence

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An intruder carrying a backpack scaled a fence at the White House on Friday night. The backpack contained no hazardous materials, official said.

White House intruder quickly caught after scaling fence: Secret Service

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An intruder late on Friday threw a backpack over the White House fence and then climbed over the barrier before being detained by Secret Service agents, a spokesman for the agency said.

Man charged with scaling White House fence to undergo psychiatric exam

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Connecticut man charged with scaling the White House fence draped in the U.S. flag was ordered on Friday to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after officials say they found a suicide note and will.

Reese Witherspoon Faces Fear of Heights by Scaling 15-Story Contraption With Neil Patrick Harris

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1615 days ago Entertainment reese witherspoon faces fear heights scaling 15-story contraption neil patrick harris All   Discuss  | Add To 
Did the actress really have the "best time ever"?

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