Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate the brain

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Just looking at something that reminds us of coffee can cause our minds to become more alert and attentive, according to a new study.

Listen makes phone numbers smarter with auto-responders, muting, reminders and more

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 A new mobile application called Listen wants to make phone numbers smarter by giving you more control over who’s texting and calling, thanks to a variety of features like whitelists, reminders, auto-responders, mute buttons and more. The idea, explains the company, is to offer one “inbox” for everything that comes in via your phone number. The end result is a number you can… Read More

Electronic reminders keep TB patients on track with medication in China

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Giving electronic reminders to tuberculosis patients in China can reduce the amount of medication doses they miss by half, according to new research.

Tdap booster vaccine rates triple at family care clinics using automated reminders

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Electronic reminders at clinics helped boost rates of Tdap booster that protects against tetanus, diptheria, and whooping cough, a study shows. Guidelines recommend that adolescents and adults ages 11 and up receive a single dose of the Tdap vaccine for booster immunization even if they have had a Td (tetanus and diphtheria) vaccine within the past 10 years.

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