Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate the brain

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Just looking at something that reminds us of coffee can cause our minds to become more alert and attentive, according to a new study.

Personalizing therapeutic brain stimulation

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A study of epilepsy patients with implanted electrodes provides an unprecedented view of the changes in brain activity created by electrical stimulation. These findings have the potential to improve noninvasive stimulation approaches toward the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Gadolinium deposition in the brain not dose dependent

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Investigators have determined that in children receiving gadolinium as a contrast agent to enhance MRI examinations, signal changes attributed solely to deposition of this material in the brain are not dependent on the amount of gadolinium administered but rather these changes are seen in association with other factors such as the presence of brain tumors and treatment using brain irradiation.

Music activates regions of the brain spared by Alzheimer's disease

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Researchers are looking to the salience network of the brain to develop music-based treatments to help alleviate anxiety in patients with dementia.

Brain genes related to innovation revealed in birds

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Wild birds that are more clever than others at foraging for food have different levels of a neurotransmitter receptor that has been linked with intelligence in humans, according to a new study. The findings could provide insight into the evolutionary mechanisms affecting cognitive traits in a range of animals.

Learning during development is regulated by an unexpected brain region

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Half a century of research on how the brain learns to integrate visual inputs from the two eyes has provided important insights in critical period regulation, leading to the conclusion that it occurs within the cortex. Scientists have now made the surprising discovery that a brain region that passes on input from the eyes to the cortex also plays a crucial role in opening the critical period of binocular vision.

Death Wish cold brew coffee recalled because it could contain a deadly toxin

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Death Wish cold brew coffee is being recalled because it could contain a deadly toxin.

Brain Composer: 'Thinking' melodies onto a musical score

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A new brain-computer interface application that allows music to be composed by the power of thought has now been developed by scientists.

Wet pillow signaled leak from brain that needed fixing...

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Wet pillow signaled leak from brain that needed fixing... (First column, 11th story, link)

First long-term stabile brain implant developed based on an anti-inflammatory coating

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Complex neurotechnological devices are required to directly select and influence brain waves inside the skull’s interior. Although it has become relatively easy to implement the devices, researchers are still faced with challenges when trying to keep them running properly in living organisms over time. But that could be changing now, thanks to a new method. A research team was able to create a microprobe that grows into the neural tissue without inflammation and with the help of a medicinal coating. Even after twelve weeks it is still able to deliver strong signals.

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