Here's how lawmakers plan to grill Mueller during his public testimony

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Special counsel Robert Mueller will testify in public hearings before two House committees on July 17.

Equity Shot: Pinterest and Zoom file to go public

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In the latest Equity Shot, Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm take a closer look at Pinterest and Zoom's IPO filings.

Pinterest files confidentially to go public

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The visual search engine has confidentially submitted paperwork to the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering slated for later this year, the WSJ reports.

After taking on taxis, ride-share services now challenging public transit in U.S.

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While taxi companies have long complained about ride-share services cutting into business, ride-hailing may be eating away at a new victim -- public transit.

5 unicorns that will probably go public in 2019 (besides Uber and Lyft)

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Five unicorn IPOs we can expect to witness in the year ahead that no one's talking about.

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong: ‘I’d love to run a public company’

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Brian Armstrong, the CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase, wants to take his company public — maybe on the blockchain. Onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, Armstrong dished on his ambitions for the future of Coinbase. “We are self-sustaining,” Armstrong said. “You know, we’ve been profitable for quite a while. We don’t have any plans […]

To become a public company, start operating like one early on

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There is a generation of well-funded, fast-growing technology companies now eyeing the public markets as the platform for continued rapid growth. The pipeline is healthy. But what needs to be done to get ready for an IPO and, crucially, what comes next?

Alphabet's bets on health tech are paying off as portfolio companies go public

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Alphabet's venture capital investment arm, GV, has seen four of its portfolio companies go public in the last year.

Stephen Hawking, Who Awed Both Scientists And The Public, Dies

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Hawking was a theoretical physicist who changed how scientists think about gravity. He also wrote the best-selling book A Brief History of Time and lent his machine-aided voice to TV shows. He was 76.

'Automating Inequality': Algorithms In Public Services Often Fail The Most Vulnerable

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Author Virginia Eubanks argues that automated systems that governments across the U.S. use to deliver benefit and welfare programs are often rigged against the very people who need it most.

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