News: Rising fuel prices drive down profits at Delta Air Lines

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Delta Air Lines has reported adjusted pre-tax income of $5.1 billion for financial 2018, a $137 million decrease relative to 2017 as the company overcame approximately 90 per cent of the $2 billion increase in fuel expenses.

High summertime gasoline prices could spare Iran from immediate oil sanctions

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High U.S. gasoline prices may be a factor that keeps the White House from imposing immediate sanctions on Iran, analysts said.

Final Four ticket prices drop below $1000, cooling as most of the early favorites get sent packing

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Ticket prices for the NCAA's big dance appear to have cooled in the last few days, TicketIQ data shows.

Ford warns Trump metal tariffs may hike commodity prices

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Ford said Trump's tariffs could boost domestic commodity prices and harm the "competitiveness of American manufacturers."

How Trump plans to cut prescription drug prices

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Read full story for latest details.

House flipping is making a comeback thanks to rising home prices

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House flipping requires fast access to money, and developers are willing to pay higher interest rates for it, N.Y. Times reports.

Ticket prices to see Pence in Colorado plummet because of low demand

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Ticket prices to a Colorado Republican Party event featuring Vice President Mike Pence have plummeted due to a struggle to sell seats.

What can Trump do about gas prices after Harvey?

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The U.S. government has several levers it can pull to ease the pain at the pump caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Consumer prices dropped in March by the largest amount in more than 2 years

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Prices were pushed lower by another sharp decline in the price of gasoline and other energy products.

CA Wet Winter Causes Lettuce Shortage; Prices Double...

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CA Wet Winter Causes Lettuce Shortage; Prices Double... (Third column, 7th story, link)

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