How to prepare for an investment apocalypse

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Unlike 2000 and 2008, everyone in the startup world is expecting a crash to come at any moment. But few are taking concrete steps to prepare for it.

Miami hospitals prepare for surge in births during Hurricane Irma

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(Reuters) - While many Miami hospitals are shutting down as Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, some are offering shelter to their pregnant patients, bracing for the increase in births that often accompanies these large storms.

Foreign journalists in NKorea told to prepare for 'big' event...

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Foreign journalists in NKorea told to prepare for 'big' event... (Third column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:'DAY OF THE SUN'...PYONGYANG EVACUATED?USA seeks tougher economic sanctions...

Brazilians Prepare For Carnival, And Its Grueling Test Of Physical Endurance

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More than 2 million people dance and drink, day and night, for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. All that pleasure involves quite a bit of pain. Ask the samba superathletes in 7-inch heels.

Officials prepare emergency plan for Oroville Dam spillway with gaping hole

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Eric DuVallFeb. 10 (UPI) -- WATCH: Oroville Dam's heavily damaged spillway is the target of a never-used emergency plan to release millions of cubic feet of water building up behind the dam after torrential rains.

Tesla stock jumps as company pauses factory to prepare for Model 3 production

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Tesla's Fremont factory pause is a clear sign the company is moving ahead with its Model 3.

Luxury Condos To Prepare For Doomsday

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Larry Hall is the C.E.O. of the Survival Condo Project — bunkers built as luxury apartments. He talks with Lulu Garcia-Navarro about the structure, built in a converted missile silo.

Silicon Valley’s rank and file prepare to fight Trump

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This was the second gathering of Tech Solidarity, a group of tech employees concerned about President-elect Donald Trump and what his administration may require of Silicon Valley companies, like creating a Muslim registry. Recode reports.

News: Tenth Airbus A330-200 joins Iberia fleet as Tokyo flights prepare for debut

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Iberia’s tenth A330-200 has joined the Spanish carrier’s fleet, registered as EC-MNL and christened ‘Tokio’, in honour of the Japanese capital, one of the Spanish airline’s new destination. Flights to Japan will be launched on October 18th with three return flights each week.

Final Thoughts As Voters Prepare To Head To The Polls

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It's finally upon us. In just 48 hours tens of millions of voters will make their decision. NPR provides some final political analysis that voters should be thinking about as they head to the polls.

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