Where Dictators Go After Losing Power

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If Venezuela ousts its president, Nicolas Maduro, where would he go? NPR's Scott Simon asks columnist Moisés Naím what options dictators and strongmen have once they're cast out.

Showing the power of startup women’s health brands, P&G buys This is L

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The P&G acquisition of This is L., a startup retailer of period products and prophylactics, shows just how profitable investing in women’s healthcare brands and products can be. A person with knowledge of the investment put the price tag at roughly $100 million — a healthy outcome for investors and company founder Talia Frenkel. But just as […]

Green Power Exchange enables peer-to-peer energy sharing

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True friends share everything, from purses to lawnmowers to the limitless energy they pull from the sun, wind, and deep underground. Green Power Exchange aims to make one of those sharing scenarios a bit simpler. Green Power Exchange or GPX is running an ICO to create a coin that lets you trade energy. While there […]

NFL Power Rankings: Where your team stands after the draft

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The Cardinals have their QB of the future. The Saints are going for it. The Patriots are sitting pretty. Here's how our experts stack all 32 teams.

Half-a-million still without power after storm in U.S. Northeast

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(Reuters) - Some 500,000 customers remained without power throughout the eastern United States on Sunday evening and New England coastal communities faced more flooding two days after a powerful storm snapped trees, downed wires and killed at least nine people.

Power Rankings: Why 2018 could be better for every team

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We'd like to end 2017 on a positive note, so we identified a reason why each franchise should be optimistic -- from the Lightning's gaudy goal differential to Vegas' shiny, shocking success to the Sabres' primo prospect.

Blood, snakes and power

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While many African traditions and cultures are under threat from modern life, one is holding its own - voodoo.

The protest power of the colleges and the future of sports gaming

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The protest power of the colleges and the future of sports gaming

Turks vote in historic referendum on expanding Erdogan power...

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Turks vote in historic referendum on expanding Erdogan power... (Second column, 9th story, link) Related stories:Fear of dictatorship...

UPDATE: Power Restored To PARAMOUNT Lot...

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UPDATE: Power Restored To PARAMOUNT Lot... (Second column, 10th story, link)

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