Pompeo Says U.S. Prepared To Offer Guaidó 'Full Range Of Options' To Oust Maduro

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The options available to the Venezuelan opposition leader include, "diplomatic options, political options" and "ultimately a set of options that would involve use of U.S. military," Pompeo said.

Venezuela crisis: Guaidó 'considering asking US for military intervention'

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Venezuelan opposition leader tells the BBC he is evaluating "all options" to oust Nicolás Maduro.

Private equity buyouts have become viable exit options — even for early-stage startups

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About 13 years ago I faced an excruciating decision: whether to sell my company, Pinnacle Systems, to a private equity firm or to another large public company.

NYU Medical School Says It Will Offer Free Tuition To All Students

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New York University said the move was to address the high cost of entering a career in medicine. Most med students graduate in debt, which can often top $200,000.

Changes in Hudson River may offer insight into how glaciers grew

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Researchers say they may be able to estimate how glaciers moved by examining how the weight of the ice sheet altered topography and led to changes in the course of the river.

Mike Pompeo Reads Out Loud Trump's Letter Canceling U.S.-North Korea Summit

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The secretary of state was on Capitol Hill this morning for a Senate hearing and he read the letter. Pompeo said North Korea hadn't responded to recent U.S. queries about logistics for the summit.

Putin claimed a new nuclear missile had unlimited range – but it flew only 22 miles in its most successful test yet

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The U.S. assessed that the longest test flight lasted just more than two minutes, sources tell CNBC.

CIA Director Pompeo Reportedly Made Secret Trip To North Korea

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The secretary-of-state designate reportedly met with Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend to pave the way for direct talks between the North Korean leader and President Trump.

Mike Pompeo: A Soldier, Spy Chief And Tea Party Republican Becomes A Diplomat

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He's been a tank commander, a successful businessman, a congressman and head of the CIA. He's cultivated a tough-guy persona with hawkish views on foreign policy. Now he's the country's top diplomat.

Experts Aghast Over Russian Claim Of Nuclear-Powered Missile With Unlimited Range

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The U.S. tested similar concepts in the 1960s, but abandoned them over concerns of radioactive contamination. Russia's claim seems so fantastic that some analysts didn't believe initial reports.

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