Delegates For Maduro, Guaidó To Meet For Talks On Ending Venezuela's Political Crisis

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Representatives for President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó are slated to hold direct talks in Norway this week aimed at breaking months of political gridlock.

From Travel Ban To Political Pins: Pending Decisions From The Supreme Court

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On Monday morning, the Supreme Court might release opinions in a number of significant cases, from gerrymandering challenges to religious rights disputes. We've got a roundup of the possibilities.

Political pitch

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The footballers, wrestlers, athletes and other sports personalities who became politicians worldwide.

Sen. McConnell mocks Steve Bannon's 'political genius' after Moore defeat

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"The political genius on display, throwing away a seat in the reddest state in America, is hard to ignore," he told reporters.

Brazil political class in crisis -- over 100 investigated for corruption...

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Brazil political class in crisis -- over 100 investigated for corruption... (Second column, 12th story, link)

Venezuelan Political Crisis Grows After High Court Dissolves Congress

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The move is widely seen as bid by President Nicolas Maduro to consolidate his power in the face of a multi-layered crisis.

Jim Henson's Son Launches R-Rated Political Puppet Show...

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Jim Henson's Son Launches R-Rated Political Puppet Show... (First column, 4th story, link) Related stories:Scripted TV Shows Confronting Social Issues Like Never Before...

Indian Local Election Could Signal Change In Political Landscape

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party won big in local elections. About 60 percent voted and women turned out in higher rates than men.

Political Newcomer In Second Place For French Presidential Race

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The French presidential race is underway and it is already rife with political scandals. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley talks about the latest controversies.

Sinn Fein Makes Big Gains, Reshuffling Political Landscape In Northern Ireland

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After dust cleared in the U.K. province's snap election, Irish nationalists drew nearly even with their pro-British counterparts. Now, big — and difficult — decisions await the divided government.

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