Teva Pharmaceuticals Agrees To $85 Million Settlement With Oklahoma In Opioid Case

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Oklahoma's attorney general had filed a lawsuit against the Israel-based company for its alleged role in fueling the opioid crisis.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals says will file its quarterly report by June 10

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Valeant said on Monday it expects to file its first-quarter report with the regulators on or before June 10, ahead of the July 31 deadline.

Determining the structures of nanocrystalline pharmaceuticals by electron diffraction

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Reliable information about the structure of pharmaceutical compounds is important for patient safety, for the development of related drugs and for patenting purposes. However, working out the structures of pharmaceuticals can be tough.

New approach to prioritizing research on the environmental impacts of pharmaceuticals

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Researchers have developed a new way to prioritize investigations on the environmental impacts of the estimated 1500 active pharmaceutical ingredients currently in use.

Pharmaceuticals to Cure Marijuana Dependence and Abuse? You've Got to Be Kidding

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Isis Pharmaceuticals is changing its name to ...

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Isis Pharmaceuticals on Friday announced that it will change its name to Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

Arena Pharmaceuticals to lay off 35 percent of U.S. workers

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(Reuters) - Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc will shelve some trials related to its weight-loss drug and lay off about 80 employees, or 35 percent of its U.S. workforce, to cut costs and focus on other drugs under development.

Turing Pharmaceuticals Will Reduce Price of Daraprim After Accused of Gouging

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Originally, the company hiked the price overnight from $13.50 per pill to $750.

Why crystals could be the shape of future pharmaceuticals

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Scientists are building a better understanding of the chemical processes behind the creation of crystals with the aim of developing new ways to produce pharmaceuticals.

600,000 Americans each consume more than $50,000 worth of pharmaceuticals annually, shocking analysis finds

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1576 days ago World News 600 000 americans consume 50 000 worth pharmaceuticals annually shocking analysis finds All   Discuss  | Add To 

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