Maths trick blows people's minds on Twitter

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Figuring out percentages can be a nightmare - especially if you haven't got a calculator to hand.

'People's Court' Judge Joseph Wapner Dead at 97

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Joseph Wapner, the retired judge who literally changed television as the judge on "The People's Court," has died ... TMZ has learned. Wapner became an instant sensation when the show debuted in September, 1981.  "The People's Court" was the…

Researchers concerned about young people's responsibility for their work ability

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Young people in working life see themselves as solo players responsible for maintaining their own work ability. They regard themselves as holding the ball when the job requires new knowledge and motivation, according to research.

FLASHBACK OBAMA: NSA not rifling through ordinary people's emails...

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FLASHBACK OBAMA: NSA not rifling through ordinary people's emails...(Third column, 2nd story, link)Related stories:BOMBSHELL: YAHOO secretly scanned ALL emails for NSA, FBI...

Feds mailing out postcards with people's SSN's on them...

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Feds mailing out postcards with people's SSN's on them...(Third column, 4th story, link)

Global snapshot of indigenous peoples health released

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A world-first study into the health and wellbeing of more than 154 million indigenous and tribal people globally reveals the extent of work that needs to be done if the United Nations is to meet its 2030 goals of ending poverty and inequality.

How the Brain Reads Other People's Faces

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Researchers say they spot region that decodes facial movements, such as a slight smile or furrowed brow

The Countless Ways Poverty Affects People's Health

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Many gaps persist, from lower birth weights to shorter life spans.

Jennifer Aniston Is People's 'World's Most Beautiful Woman 2016'

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Congrats to the 47-year-old actress!

Genetic Tests May Not Change People's Unhealthy Ways

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But DNA results could help spot at-risk individuals for screening and treatment, study authors say

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