Distracted people can be 'smell blind'

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'Inattentional smell blindness,' or inattentional anosmia, has been proven to exist. Just as it has previously been found that people can miss visual cues when they are busily engaged in a task, the same is true of smells. However, with smells there is only a 20-minute window before people become habituated to the smell and the opportunity to notice it has passed.

Congress and the $1 trillion deficit: Time to be straight with the American people

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This level of debt limits our options in a future recession, and it is likely already serving as a serious drag on economic growth

Storm lashing U.S. Northeast kills at least five people

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BOSTON (Reuters) - A powerful storm lashing the northeastern United States on Friday killed at least five people as winds topping 80 miles per hour (129 km per hour) helped flood streets in Boston, ground flights and halt train service across the region.

People do actually want to use their smart speakers to buy things

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In a new study, 62% of smart speaker owners said they planned to buy something through their device in the next month.

New Calif. law gives free rides to people too drunk to drive home

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A new California law set to take effect on Jan. 1 will give free rides to people too drunk to drive home.

Tuurnt lets people pay you to party

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 Do you like to party? Do you like money? Friend, have I got a startup for you. Tuurnt is based on the concept of rent parties, parties folks used to hold to pay rent at the end of the month. The idea is simple: plan the party, announce a cost and let your friends chip in. Then you can, in the parlance, get tuurnt. Founded by Fabrice Mishiki, the app is already popular on college campuses.… Read More

Donald Trump has made a lot of people nervous, says former Bush advisor

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President Trump's recent comments are making GOP strategist Ron Christie nervous – and he said he's probably not the only one.

Georgia Cop Tells White Woman ... Don't Worry, We Only Kill Black People

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A Cobb County police officer reassured a white woman who was afraid she'd be shot when he pulled her over by telling her ... "Remember, we only kill black people." During dashcam video of the incident, the woman told the officer she didn't want to…

White House is going to start keeping secret the names of most people who visit

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A White House official acknowledged that the administration will likely face criticism for a lack of transparency.

Labor report: Fewer people than expected filed for unemployment

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A U.S. Department of Labor report released Thursday showed fewer people than anticipated filed initial claims for unemployment benefits last week.

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