First observation of native ferroelectric metal

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Researchers describe the first observation of a native ferroelectric metal: a native metal with bistable and electrically switchable spontaneous polarization states -- the hallmark of ferroelectricity. The study found coexistence of native metallicity and ferroelectricity in bulk crystalline tungsten ditelluride (WTe2) at room temperature. A van-der-Waals material that is both metallic and ferroelectric in its bulk crystalline form at room temperature has potential for nano-electronics applications.

Real-time direct observation of atom movements in electron microscopy

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Atomic motion in a crystalline oxide that was used as a cathode in Li-ion batteries was directly demonstrated by state-of-an-art transmission electron microscopy, revealing the transient pathway of a chemical ordering reaction.

CO/NO dual sensor for real time brain event observation

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IBS records separate, simultaneous carbon monoxide/nitric oxide levels during induced seizure activity.

News: British Airways to sponsor moving observation tower in Brighton

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The world’s tallest moving observation tower, currently being built on Brighton seafront, was today named British Airways i360. The airline has signed a five-year deal, which includes full naming rights, with the developers of the Brighton beach attraction which has been conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects.

Uniting classical and quantum mechanics: Breakthrough observation of Mott transition in a superconductor

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Researchers have announced the observation of a dynamic Mott transition in a superconductor. The discovery experimentally connects the worlds of classical and quantum mechanics and illuminates the mysterious nature of the Mott transition. It also could shed light on non-equilibrium physics, which is poorly understood but governs most of what occurs in our world. The finding may also represent a step towards more efficient electronics based on the Mott transition.

Fundamental observation of spin-controlled electrical conduction in metals

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Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy allows direct insight into the building block of modern magnetic memories.

Observation of 4?h hyperhydrogen by decay-pion spectroscopy of electro-produced hypernuclei

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An international team has been developing a new experimental technique - the decay-pion spectroscopy of electro-produced hypernuclei since 2011. They have now used this new technique to successfully measure the mass of [4?H], which consists of one proton, two neutrons and one ? particle.

With Tensions Rising, Poland Erects Observation Towers On Russian Border

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Like many former Soviet satellite states, Poland is suspicious of Russian intentions these days. Poles are joining homegrown militias, and authorities have placed observation towers along the border.

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