First observation of native ferroelectric metal

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Researchers describe the first observation of a native ferroelectric metal: a native metal with bistable and electrically switchable spontaneous polarization states -- the hallmark of ferroelectricity. The study found coexistence of native metallicity and ferroelectricity in bulk crystalline tungsten ditelluride (WTe2) at room temperature. A van-der-Waals material that is both metallic and ferroelectric in its bulk crystalline form at room temperature has potential for nano-electronics applications.

The internet 'needs a native currency' and Jack Dorsey wants to help it be bitcoin

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Dorsey spoke at the Consensus blockchain conference in New York Wednesday

Spotify tests native voice search, groundwork for smart speakers

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Now Spotify listens to you instead of the other way around. Spotify has a new voice search interface that lets you say “Play my Discover Weekly,” “Show Calvin Harris” or “Play some upbeat pop” to pull up music. A Spotify spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that this is “Just a test for now,” as only a […]

US metal tariffs: Mexico and Canada may be exempt, White House says

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The White House says it could exclude some countries from a plan to impose tariffs on metals.

Republicans 'extremely worried' by Trump's metal tariffs plan

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The US president defended his plan after a top Republican called for the proposal to be scrapped.

Ford warns Trump metal tariffs may hike commodity prices

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Ford said Trump's tariffs could boost domestic commodity prices and harm the "competitiveness of American manufacturers."

Goodbye, For Now, To A Vital Source For Native American News

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Indian Country Today Media Network announced it would "cease active operations." That leaves a big hole in news coverage by, and about, Native Americans.

Sweden identifies truck attack suspect as Uzbek native, 39

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The suspect in Stockholm's deadly beer truck attack is a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan who had been on authorities' radar previously.

Oklahoma tribe approves gay marriage as Native American groups debate issue

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PAWHUSKA, Okla. (Reuters) - A Native American tribe in Oklahoma has voted to allow same-sex marriage, joining a small group of prominent tribes changing their law in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark 2015 decision making the practice legal in all states.

Using historical herbarium specimens to track heavy metal pollution in the eastern United States

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Plant specimens stored in herbaria are being used to explore important ecological questions. Researchers have now shown the effectiveness of herbarium specimens of herbaceous plants to track changes in heavy metal concentrations over time. The study compares concentrations of copper, lead, and zinc in specimens collected around Providence, RI, from 1846 to 1916, and compares these levels to plants collected from the same areas in 2015.

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