News: Surge in mobile bookings for Monarch

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Monarch saw overall mobile bookings rise over the festive season for the third consecutive year. Mobile bookings made on Christmas Day were up 176 per cent year-on-year and 206 per cent year-on-year for Boxing Day bookings.

News: New commercial leadership for Monarch

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Monarch has announced the appointment of Ian Chambers as chief commercial officer with immediate effect. Joining Monarch in 2005, Chambers has held various digital and marketing management roles. Most recently, as head of digital and marketing he had responsibility for online marketing, the digital strategy and online sales across all group brands and products.

News: Monarch group launches new trade website in UK

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Monarch has launched its new trade website. The site, which provides agents with access to the full range of Monarch holidays, hotels and flights, completes the company’s move to a single brand strategy. The holiday section of the new site has been designed to reflect the needs and requirements of agents, and many of the features reflect feedback that Monarch has received.

VIDEO: How do Monarch butterflies navigate?

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Scientists in the United States say they have solved one of nature's great navigation mysteries, how Monarch butterflies migrate all the way from Canada to Mexico.

Mexico documents big rebound in monarch butterflies

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — Monarch butterflies have made a big comeback in their wintering grounds in Mexico, after suffering serious declines, investigators said Friday.

Seasonal monarch butterfly migrations may help lower infection levels

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Seasonal migrations may help lower infection levels in wild North American monarch butterfly populations, according to a new study. The authors posit that these results combined with recent observations of sedentary, winter-breeding monarch populations in the southern U.S. indicate that the shifts from migratory to sedentary behavior may lead to greater infection for North American monarchs.

Four biological kingdoms influence disease transmission in monarch butterflies

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Experiments with monarch butterfly caterpillars and the milkweed plants on which they feed have shown for the first time that interactions across four biological kingdoms can influence disease transmission.

News: Cosmos Holidays begins transition to Monarch brand

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Cosmos Holidays is changing its name to Monarch. The tour operator, which currently trades as Cosmos Holidays, will start to transition to the Monarch brand from today. Avro and Somewhere2Stay, which sell flights and hotel accommodation respectively through the travel trade, will also operate under the Monarch brand.

News: Mantis moves into East Africa with Monarch Group deal

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Mantis has partnered with the Kenyan based Monarch Group to develop, manage and market a number of their unique properties. This pivotal partnership marks the beginning of a foothold in East Africa for Mantis. It’s a match meant to be with a fusion of like-minded entrepreneurs.

News: Monarch appoints Aviator to handle Birmingham operations

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Monarch, the leading scheduled airline to leisure destinations, has changed its ground handling services at Birmingham airport - a key base. Aviator, an already well established ground handling service provider to Birmingham airport will manage all ground handling operations at the airport for Monarch.

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