Chinese billionaire real estate mogul: Now’s the time to be patient

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Zhang Xin does not expect a big sell-off ahead in assets, such as real estate, that have been fueled by ultra-low interest rates for years.

OPI Nail Polish Mogul -- Bank Account On Fleek!! Gets $15 Mil for Mansion (PHOTO GALLERY)

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The lady who helped make OPI king queen of the nail polish game just put a fresh coat of cash on her pockets ... by unloading her Bev Hills palace.  Miriam Schaeffer -- ex-wife to OPI founder, George Schaeffer, and a former exec…

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch owns a piece of Uber

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Murdoch isn't listed on the company's cap table but owns a stake through an investment vehicle, Recode reports.

Mogul Suffering From Dementia, Doctor Tells Court...

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Mogul Suffering From Dementia, Doctor Tells Court...(Second column, 6th story, link)Related stories:REDSTONE TRIAL DRAMA...TOLD 'ADJUST DENTURES'...

The surprising way one mogul found out he was a billionaire

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Imagine getting a phone call where a relative stranger informed you that you were now a billionaire.

Hollywood mogul blasts Obama, GOOGLE over piracy...

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Hollywood mogul blasts Obama, GOOGLE over piracy...(Third column, 17th story, link)Related stories:The new Gilded Age...

New York banana mogul convicted of embezzling retirement funds

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former Long Island banana importer already convicted of engaging in a cocaine distribution scheme was found guilty on Friday of stealing more than $750,000 from his employees' retirement plan.

In Social Media Battle, Real Estate Mogul Takes On Chinese Government

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China's Internet authorities have shut down all social media accounts of Ren Zhiqiang, a sharp-tongued real estate mogul compared by some in China to Donald Trump.

Rob Kardashian -- Blac Chyna's Inspired Me to Become a Mogul

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Turns out Rob Kardashian is getting his waist AND his business in line, because we've learned his new plan is to have his body and yours covered in Arthur George garments. We've learned Rob filed legal docs to expand production on his…

Eva Longoria-- Engaged to Media Mogul ... Third Time's a Charm

LakeArrowhead (#1) 1439 days ago Entertainment eva longoria-- engaged media mogul times charm All   Discuss  | Add To 
Eva Longoria is tying the knot again, and this time the guy's a full-blown mogul. Eva's gonna marry Jose Antonio Baston, the President of Televisa--  Latin America's largest media company.  They've been dating for 2 years. Jose popped the…

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