A look at Birdies, the popular slipper shoe startup that just raised $8 million more from investors

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Bianca Gates is a first-generation American, her parents having immigrated to the U.S. from Latin America. As such, she says, after graduating from UC Irvine, she was expected to get a safe job with a 401(k) plan and to live with her parents until she was married. Things haven’t gone exactly that way, but one can […]

New York City launches $100 million universal health insurance program

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New York City on Tuesday launched a $100 million health insurance program to cover 600,000 uninsured city residents, including those unable to afford coverage and those living in the United States illegally, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Threatened Bluefin Tuna Sells For $3 Million In Tokyo Market

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Sushi chain owner Kiyoshi Kimura purchased the 612-pound Pacific bluefin tuna at auction. Conservationists are alarmed about the fate of the species.

TrueFacet, which sells pre-owned, authenticated watches and jewelry, is raising a $10 million round of funding

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The secondary luxury goods market has been growing wildly in recent years, with more shoppers opting to both sell their lightly used luxury goods like clothing and jewelry for cold, hard cash, as well as buying the pre-owned, authenticated luxury goods of others. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the trend is The RealReal, a […]

Why your startup shouldn’t rush to $1 million in revenue

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Your startup may have the coolest tech, be in the biggest market and have the smartest team, but no matter what your board says, revenue is not the primary indicator.

Dolls Kill is raising up to $15 million for its edgy fashion brand made for ‘misfits’

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When founder Bobby Farahi met Shaudi “Shoddy” Lynn, it was at a rave in L.A. Farahi has said he was immediately drawn to the fashion sense of Lynn, who was a DJ at the time; she, meanwhile, might have appreciated the business acumen of Farahi, who had already sold a broadcast monitoring service called Multivision […]

Marriott Says Up To 500 Million Customers' Data Stolen In Breach

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The hotel giant said information on up to 500 million customers worldwide was exposed in a breach of its Starwood reservation database. The data includes dates of birth and passport numbers.

U.S. Cuts $300 Million In Aid To Pakistan; Says It's Failing To Fight Militants

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The cuts were part of a broader suspension in aid to Pakistan announced by the Trump administration earlier this year.

Boeing wins $805 million Pentagon contract to build the Navy's next aerial tanker drone

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Boeing's drone tanker, the MQ-25 Stingray, will launch from a ship at sea and aerial refuel Navy fighter jets such as the F/A-18 Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and F-35C.

George Church’s genetics on the blockchain startup just raised $4.3 million from Khosla

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Nebula Genomics, the startup that wants to put your whole genome on the blockchain, has announced the raise of $4.3 million in Series A from Khosla Ventures and other leading tech VC’s such as Arch Venture Partners, Fenbushi Capital, Mayfield, F-Prime Capital Partners, Great Point Ventures, Windham Venture Partners, Hemi Ventures, Mirae Asset, Hikma Ventures and […]

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