Microbiome testing service uBiome puts its co-founders on administrative leave after FBI raid

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The microbiome testing service uBiome has placed its founders and co-chief executives, Jessica Richman and Zac Apte, on administrative leave following an FBI raid on the company’s offices last week. The company’s board of directors have named John Rakow, currently the company’s general counsel, as its interim chairman and chief executive, the company said in […]

A gut bacterium's guide to building a microbiome

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Many studies have linked the gut microbiome to health and disease. New research reveals mechanisms utilized by gut bacteria to assemble a microbiome in the first place.

Research in worms provides a model to study how the human microbiome influences disease

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The human microbiome appears to play a significant role in health and disease, but the mechanisms of how it does so is not well understood. Researchers have used the nematode C. elegans to decipher how specific bacterial signals influence a host, whether the host is a worm or a human. It reveals for the first time how bacterial genes modify worm biology, with implications for future study of the human microbiome.

Antimicrobial in common toothpaste doesn't impact gut, oral microbiome

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Personal hygiene products such as soaps and toothpastes that contain the antibiotic triclosan do not have a major influence on microbial communities or endocrine function, according to a small, randomized trial, say researchers.

New human microbiome research tool: Gut model HuMiX works like the real thing

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Scientists have now proven that a model of the human gut they have developed and patented -- HuMiX -- is representative of the actual conditions and processes that occur within our intestines. With HuMiX, the researchers can analyze the complex interactions between human cells and bacteria, predict their effects on health or disease onset, and study the action of probiotics and drugs.

Changes in 'microbiome' during canine atopic dermatitis could lead to antibiotic-free therapies for human, canine disease

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How atopic dermatitis (AD) arises isn't yet fully understood, but a new study has uncovered important insights about the association of AD in dogs compared to humans.

Worm infection counters inflammatory bowel disease by drastically changing gut microbiome

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Infection with worms counters inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) by triggering immune responses that change the mix of bacteria, or microbiome, in the gut.

Can more fiber restore microbiome diversity?

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Scientists are pushing to restore human health in Western countries by changing our diet to restore the microbial species lost over the evolution of Western diet. Researchers advocate for strategically increasing dietary fiber intake as one path forward in regaining microbial biodiversity.

Men, Stress and the Microbiome

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Prolonged stress triggers unfavorable shifts in bacterial composition and diversity.

Targeting gut microbiome to fight heart disease

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A compound found in red wine, resveratrol, reduces the risk of heart disease by changing the gut microbiome, according to a new study. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in industrialized societies including the United States, and the incidence is growing in developing countries.

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