Aging Americans are a big market for tech investors, who also want to track their parents

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Techies are finding new uses for consumer devices to help monitor their aging parents, who are increasingly opting to live independently.

The stock market believes Netflix will more than double subscribers in 10 years to 335 million

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Netflix is only beginning to grow, if the stock market's expectations are to be believed.

News: Boeing predicts $745 billion Middle East aviation market in coming years

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Boeing has projected the Middle East will require $745 billion in aviation services through 2037 to keep pace with growing passenger and freight traffic in the region.

Digital health market is frothy, but it doesn't look like a bubble

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Rock Health has been crunching numbers on the digital health market, and doesn't see a bubble despite the rapid growth.

Threatened Bluefin Tuna Sells For $3 Million In Tokyo Market

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Sushi chain owner Kiyoshi Kimura purchased the 612-pound Pacific bluefin tuna at auction. Conservationists are alarmed about the fate of the species.

US Treasury yields tick lower as market volatility continues

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U.S. government debt prices ticked higher on Monday as investors looked to optimism surrounding U.S.-China trade talks.

Why December's ugly stock market is very bad news for California's finances

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California could see its tax collections take a hit in December because of its heavy reliance on the wealthy for personal income taxes and the state's revenue volatility to even small changes in the financial markets.

Cryptocurrency and a stock market boom pushes TradingView to $37 million in new funding

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Fueled by last year’s greed-inducing visions of a cryptocurrency boom and a stock market largely untethered from classical economics, TradingView, a developer of social networking and data analysis tools for financial markets, has raised millions in new venture funding. The New York-based company just scored $37 million in funding led by the growth-stage investment firm […]

Rare Bits launches a market for digital collectables

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As we plunge into our baffling future, it is believed that, at some point, we will be trading in cryptographically secure kittens, monsters, and playing cards. While it is unclear why this will happen, Rare Bits and their new service, Fan Bits, is ready for the oncoming rush. Founded by Daniel Lee, a former Zynga/FarmVille […]

The market may test more lows soon as it seeks a new leader besides tech, analysts say

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The market may "test some lows" as it searches for a new leader other than the FANG stocks, analysts said.

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