Man is caught by a whale - and lives to tell the tale

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A tour operator who was almost swallowed by a whale has said the experience made him realise just how small humans are.
46’s clipping service allows gamers to share the moments of their digital lives

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As online gaming becomes the new social forum for living out virtual lives, a new startup called has raised $3.5 million for its in-game clipping service to capture and share the Kodak moments and digital memories that are increasingly happening in places like Fortnite or Apex Legends. Digital worlds like Fortnite are now far more […]

Gallup poll: 86 percent of Americans satisfied with their personal lives

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A majority of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives, a Gallup poll released Tuesday indicates.

Police Dog Dies in Line of Duty on Xmas Eve, Saves Cops' Lives

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Terrible news out of Florida after a police dog was shot and killed by a suspect ... and the K9 is being credited for saving the lives of officers. The sad incident went down on Xmas Eve in Wellington, Florida ... where Palm Beach County Sheriffs…

Winnie raises $4 million to make parents’ lives easier

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An app that has the needs of modern-day parents in mind, Winnie, has now raised $4 million in additional seed funding in a round led by Reach Capital. Other investors in the new round include Rethink Impact, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Afore Capital, and BBG Ventures, among others. With the new funds, Winnie has raised $6.5 million to […]

A Hashtag Can't Be Sued: Judge Dismisses Officer's Case Against Black Lives Matter

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A Louisiana court threw out a lawsuit filed by a police officer who said he was injured during a Black Lives Matter protest in July 2016.

MARVEL cancels 'Black Lives Matter' comic...

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MARVEL cancels 'Black Lives Matter' comic... (Second column, 13th story, link)

New step toward the treatment of myotubular myopathy gene therapy restores strength and prolongs lives in affected dogs

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A team of researchers has demonstrated the efficacy of administration of a therapeutic vector by a single intravenous injection and identified the dose that restores long-term muscular strength in a large animal model of the disease.

Kendall Jenner's Final Pepsi Scene Inspired by '60s Pic ... NOT Black Lives Matter (PHOTOS)

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There's actually an explanation -- though not necessarily a good one -- for Pepsi's decision to run the disastrous Kendall Jenner ad ... but to understand you have to take a trip back to the '60s.  CLICK THIS LINK and check out the second photo…

Running for their lives

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BBC Arabic's Janay Boulos reports on the perils of being smuggled over the Syrian-Turkish border.

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