104 nabs $11M Series A led by Google to put bots to work testing apps

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For developers, the process of determining whether every new update is going to botch some core functionality can take up a lot of time and resources, and things get far more complicated when you’re managing a multitude of apps. is building a comprehensive system for app testing that relies on bots, not human labor, […]

Cerebri AI raises $5M Series A round led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund

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M12, Microsoft’s venture fund which was previously simply known as Microsoft Ventures, has been making a series of investments in the last few weeks. Today, it’s leading a $5 million Series A round into Cerebri AI, a startup that uses machine learning to help companies track, analyze and predict their customers’ behavior. The University of […]

Scooter startup Lime is reportedly raising $250M led by Uber investor GV

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It’s scooters all the way down this morning, with Lime also reportedly raising $250 million in a funding after a new Delaware filing this morning indicated that competitor Bird authorized the sale of up to $200 million in shares. GV (formerly Google Ventures) is leading this round, according to the report by Axios, as the […]

Games developer Supersolid raises $4M Series A round led by Index Ventures

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 Supersolid, a London-based mobile games developer with more than 50 million downloads under its belt, is best known for the smash hit games like Super Penguins, Adventure Town and Pororo Penguin Run. The company has now raised a $4 million Series A investment round, led by Index Ventures. Read More

US durable goods orders rose in February, led by aircraft

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Orders for long-lasting factory goods were expected to rise 1.2 percent in February after increasing 1.8 percent a month earlier.

Housing starts rose in February, led by single-family homes

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Home building jumped in February likely as unseasonably warm weather boosted the construction of single-family houses to near a 9-1/2-year high.

DC Protest Led By Guy...

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DC Protest Led By Guy... (Second column, 5th story, link) Related stories:FIRESTORM: Trudeau wife celebrates MEN on Women's Day...Radio station only playing songs by male artists...

Vision, not limbs, led fish onto land 385 million years ago

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A new study suggests it was the power of the eyes and not the limbs that first led our aquatic ancestors to make the leap from water to land. The researchers discovered that eyes nearly tripled in size before -- not after -- the water-to-land transition. Crocodile-like animals saw easy meals on land and then evolved limbs that enabled them to get there, the researchers argue.

Monzo, a UK digital-only bank, is closing in on new funding led by US-based Thrive Capital

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 Monzo, one of a number of new digital-only, or so-called “challenger,” banks in the U.K. aiming to re-invent the current account, is closing in on new Series C funding, which could be announced as early as this week. According to multiple sources, U.S.-based Thrive Capital is leading the round. Read More

Backtrace, a debugging startup led by former AppNexus engineers, raises $5M

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 Debugging startup Backtrace I/O was launched to solve a real problem that its founders faced when they were engineers at adtech company AppNexus — at least according to Backtrace CEO and co-founder Abel Mathew. Mathew told me Backtrace aims to “solve the process of debugging,” something that most companies tackle by “cobbling together very old, outdated solutions”… Read More

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