North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Kicks Off New Year With Address And A Warning To U.S.

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In his New Year's Day address, Kim Jong Un said he's committed to denuclearization, but warned North Korea will take a "new path" if the U.S. maintains sanctions against his country.

Kim Jong Un's Sister Makes First Appearance In South Korea For Olympics

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The influential sibling to North Korea's secretive leader is expected also to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea blast McCain for 'crazy fat kid' remark

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"Noted idiot John McCain denounced as an infantile lunatic angrily soiling himself after slandering august personages of DPRK," the state-run news service tweeted, USA Today reports.

Malaysia Agrees To Release Kim Jong Nam's Body Amid Diplomatic Crisis

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Malaysia says it will transfer the body and allow an unspecified number of North Koreans to depart, in exchange for the return of nine Malaysians who had been blocked from leaving North Korea.

How to Respond to the Murder of the Brother of North Korea's Kim Jong Un?

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Two arrests and many questions after the murder of Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia.

Amid Kim Jong Nam Furor, South Korea Hikes Reward For North Korean Defectors

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For the first time in 20 years, South Korea is hiking its reward money for defectors who can provide intelligence. The move follows the apparent poisoning of Kim Jong Un's half-brother in Malaysia.

Malaysia threatens to arrest North Korean diplomat amid Kim Jong Nam murder probe

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The attack that killed Kim Jong Un's exiled half brother has stirred up conflict between Malaysia and North Korea.

VX: The Nerve Agent Used To Kill Kim Jong Nam Is Rare And Deadly

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A colorless, odorless liquid, similar in consistency to motor oil, VX kills in tiny quantities that can be absorbed through the skin. It is among the deadliest chemical weapons ever devised.

China Monitors Assassination Probe Of North Korean Kim Jong Nam

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China is debating how to react to the death of Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korea's leader. Some think that the dead man could potentially have headed a more China-friendly North Korean regime.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's ski resort for elites is kept open by children in work gangs

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On the bumpy road to North Korea's top ski resort, work gangs hack and shovel the fresh snowfall to clear the route.

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