Research on light-matter interaction could improve electronic and optoelectronic devices

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New research increases our understanding of how light interacts with atomically thin semiconductors and creates unique excitonic complex particles, multiple electrons, and holes strongly bound together.

Fluffy dog tails could be the next step in robot-human interaction

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 The IEEE unearthed a fascinating 2013 study that showed that a cute dog tail does more than just amuse — it can communicate. The study, created by Ashish Singh and James Young, posited that a Roomba with a tail attached could communicate quickly and easily with a human — a fast, excited wag means things are going OK, while a slow side to side motion shows disdain. “Any… Read More

Citizen recordings of police interaction growing amid push...

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Citizen recordings of police interaction growing amid push...(First column, 8th story, link)Related stories:Live streaming of shooting spotlights ethical, legal policies...O'KEEFE: Hidden camera video is going to change world...

Texas tech researcher aiding in study of eagle interaction with wind turbines

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A new study will track golden eagle movement using solar-powered GPS transmitters to see how often they hunt or fly through area wind farms.

Nobel insight into interaction between discharge plasma and cells via TRP channel

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Researchers have discovered that the short-lived reactive species generated by plasma can enhance the calcium ion influx into cells.

Space mission first to observe key interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and sun

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Physicists have now provided the first major results of NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission, including an unprecedented look at the interaction between the magnetic fields of Earth and the sun. The article describes the first direct and detailed observation of a phenomenon known as magnetic reconnection, which occurs when two opposing magnetic field lines break and reconnect with each other, releasing massive amounts of energy.

Finger-specific key presses could speed up computer interaction

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If you're looking for a way to use a computer more efficiently, researchers may have a solution for you. Researchers have recently filed a patent that would allow computer users to trigger different shortcut commands by pressing the same keyboard key with different fingers, hands, or hand postures.

Why is critical interaction with disability missing from academia?

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A Critical Disability Studies Working Group is working to highlight how ableist assumptions about the body, cognition and perception promote a limited range of understanding what it means to be human.

Interaction during reading is key to language development

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A new study finds babies make more speech-like sounds during reading than when playing with puppets or toys -- and mothers are more responsive to these types of sounds while reading to their child than during the other activities.

Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: LeBron James' Fan Interaction With Jason Day's Wife Was Far From Heartwarming [VIDEO]

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Jason and Ellie Day's night out at the Cavaliers game was ruined by Lebron.

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