Gene transfer improves diabetes-linked heart ailment

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Researchers have shown that a gene transfer technique can combat heart dysfunction caused by diabetes.

Intensive aquatic resistance training decreases body fat mass and improves physcial function in women with mild knee osteoarthritis

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Aquatic resistance training significantly decreases body fat mass and increases walking speed in postmenopausal women with mild knee osteoarthritis. The effect of aquatic resistance training on walking speed are long lasting and are maintained one-year after training is ceased. However, higher overall levels of leisure time physical activity are required for long-term management of fat and body mass.

New approach to managing warfarin patients improves care, cuts costs

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New performance measures have been developed for patients on warfarin that may save lives and money, report investigators.

Vitamin D improves gut flora and metabolic syndrome

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A high fat diet alone is not enough to cause metabolic syndrome, a group of symptoms that pose as risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. This recent study shows it is needed in combination with vitamin D deficiency. Accordingly, vitamin D supplementation improves metabolic syndrome in mice. The next step would be to validate the results in humans.

Silencing fat protein improves obesity and blood sugar

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Scientists report that turning off a protein found in liver and adipose tissue significantly improves blood sugar levels and reduces body fat in an animal model.

Menopausal hormone therapy improves bone health

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Women who undergo hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes can not only increase bone mass, but also can improve bone structure, according to a new study.

Knowledge of positive cologuard test improves colonoscopy performance

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An endoscopist's knowledge of a positive Cologuard test improves colonoscopy performance, according to a recent study. Cologuard is an at-home, stool-DNA colorectal cancer screening test that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Lingcod meet rockfish: Catching one improves chances for the other

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Researchers found that selectively fishing for lingcod in protected areas actually avoided hampering the recovery of other fish, including rockfish species listed as overfished.

Scavenging of inflammatory molecules improves sepsis in mice

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Scientists report on a method to scavenge inflammatory molecules that mediate sepsis in mice in a new report. Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of infection in which the molecules that the body releases to fight an infection trigger widespread inflammatory responses, resulting in damage to multiple organ systems.

Enhanced hippocampal-cortical coupling improves memory

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For the first time, scientists have produced direct evidence that the long-term storage of memories involves a dialogue between two brain structures, the hippocampus and cortex, during sleep; by enhancing this dialogue, they succeeded in triggering the consolidation of memories that would otherwise have been forgotten.

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