From 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford.. The FAA will Implement New Nighttime Route!

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“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has notified the San Bernardino County second district supervisor, Janice Rutherford, as well as other officials that the agency plans to implement a new nighttime route on April 26, 2918 to address resideent’s concerns about commercial aircraft noise “Hopefully, the new route will lessen the impacts of the FAA’s poor … Continue reading From 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford.. The FAA will Implement New Nighttime Route!

Federal court orders EPA to implement smog rules

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A federal court on Monday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to implement protections against smog set in 2015.

News: Lufthansa to implement Amadeus Altéa Departure Control Flight Management

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Ensuring a stable and safe load control – or in other words, that the weight and balance of the aircraft is optimised – is one of the main operational challenges airlines face. Load control plays a vital role in increasing efficiency, on-time performance and reducing fuel costs. And so with this in mind, Lufthansa Group and Amadeus have reached an agreement that will see the group’s airlines adopt Amadeus Altéa Departure Control Flight Management, starting with Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo.

Could Turkey implement EU migrant plan?

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Doubts over whether Turkey can implement EU migrant plan

Obama To Implement Gun Control Measures Through Executive Action

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One of President Obama's biggest frustrations has been the inability to pass gun legislation. But as he begins his last year in office, Obama is expected to take action on his own to address gun violence.

World Bank & UN Plan To Use False Flag Terror To Phase Out Passports & Implement Global Biometric ID

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U.S. Military Works To Implement New Rules On Women In Combat

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The Pentagon has declared all military jobs will be open to women — and now it must begin deciding how it will actually implement that directive. How far along are the plans to admit women to tank crews, the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Navy SEALs and other such elite units?

Hillary Clinton wants to implement Australia-style gun confiscation in America, even as disarming citizens causes crime to soar down under

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TRUMP SAYS HE WOULD 'ABSOLUTELY' IMPLEMENT MUSLIM DATABASE...(First column, 13th story, link)Related stories:ESTABLISHMENT REDOUBLES EFFORT TO DESTROY TRUMP...RAND PAUL: Rubio has opposed every effort to control borders...

China ready to implement trade and economic agreements with SCO member countries

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