For Basecamp, brand identity and product development are all about the customer

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[Editor’s note: This is part of a series we’re writing about branding for startups. Join our latest initiative to find the best brand designers and agencies in the world who work with early-stage companies by nominating a talented brand designer you’ve worked with.]   Basecamp, maker of project management and team communications software, is a company […]

Proxy raises $13.6M to unlock anything with Bluetooth identity

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You know how kings used to have trumpeters heralding their arrival wherever they went? Proxy wants to do that with Bluetooth. The startup lets you instantly unlock office doors and reserve meeting rooms using Bluetooth Low Energy signal. You never even have to pull out your phone or open an app. But Proxy is gearing […]

How to develop a brand identity system (like Intercom)

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[Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of articles that we’re writing about branding for startups. It’s part of our latest initiative to find the best brand designers and agencies in the world who work with early-stage companies — nominate a talented brand designer you’ve worked with.]   When designer Ryan Hubbard joined Intercom, […]

Highlighting social identity and peer group norms can increase water conservation

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New research suggests that targeted use of behavioural 'nudges' can encourage people to conserve water. Researchers found that rather than giving people general information about the importance of saving water, emphasizing the water conserving actions of others in the same social group -- for example university students or local residents -- encourages similar behavior changes and reduces water demand.

This 'old-fashioned' identity theft is just as dangerous as the cyber kind

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Half of identity theft and fraud cases stem from "non-digital" thefts. Here's how to protect yourself.

Element wants to give identity to the whole world, raising $12M Series A

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Who are you? That’s both an existential question, and also a very practical administrative concern. Today, identity is often exchanged through the use of government ID cards and official paperwork, but what happens when someone loses that paperwork or it is destroyed? Or, as is often the case in many countries around the world, a […]

TypingDNA launches Chrome extension that verifies your identity based on typing

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TypingDNA has a new approach to verifying your identity based on how you type. The startup, which is part of the current class at Techstars NYC, is pitching this as an alternative to two-factor authentication — namely, the security feature that sends unique codes to a separate device (usually your phone) to make sure someone […]

What to do if your identity was stolen after the Equifax hack

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Read full story for latest details.

Understanding perceptions of reputation, identity offers opportunity, study shows

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Regardless of how people personally view another person, they also are aware of how that person sees themselves, as well as how they are generally perceived by others, research concludes.

Identity management software provider Okta seeks to raise $187M with IPO pricing

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 Okta is setting an increasingly ambitious target for its IPO, now officially pricing it at $17 per share set for its debut tomorrow — and looking to raise as much as $187 million in the hopes that it can capitalize on the newly open IPO window. Read More

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