Here's how lawmakers plan to grill Mueller during his public testimony

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Special counsel Robert Mueller will testify in public hearings before two House committees on July 17.

Here's why one former baseball executive believes he's hit a home run by diving into esports

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A former MLB executive vice president explains why he made the jump to esports

I was spending $132 a month on digital subscriptions — here's how I cut it back

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I had a hunch I was spending way too much on services like Netflux, Hulu and Spotify each month. So I'm outlining what I spend, how important they are, how often I use them, and seeing what I can cut.

Here's an awesome iPhone trick that makes web pages much easier to read

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Always-on Automatic Reader View turns web pages into cleanly formatted text stories without graphics, ads, videos or other material.

This former Apple engineer has analyzed the microbes in his body 600 times — here's what he learned

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Richard Sprague has tested his feces, nose and more hundreds of times to understand the microbes that live in his body.

Here's how many people Tesla laid off at its California facilities

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Tesla dismissed 1,017 California employees in its recent layoffs, according to documents filed with the state's Employment Development Department.

Here's a map of all 80 stores that Sears and Kmart are shuttering in March

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Sears is expected to close another round of stores early next year, as the bankrupt department store chain now tries to stay afloat via a $4.4 billion bid from its chairman, Eddie Lampert.

Here's the ultimate guide to using your brand new iPhone

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If you bought the iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, you'll need to get used to moving around an iPhone without a home button. Here's how to do it.

Here's the memo Elon Musk just sent announcing a major shakeup at Tesla

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Tesla will begin the restructuring process CEO Elon Musk discussed on a conference call in early May.

Here's who will make the Final Four

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The first two rounds were crazy, but we're moving on because the Sweet 16 has arrived. The blue bloods are here, but so are the wild cards, including two (!) 11-seeds. Enjoy the games, but here's what's going to happen this weekend.

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