Da Vinci's hand impairment caused by nerve damage, not stroke

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A fainting episode causing traumatic nerve damage affecting his right hand could be why Leonardo da Vinci's painting skills were hampered in his late career. While the impairment affected his ability to hold palettes and brushes to paint with his right hand, he was able to continue teaching and drawing with his left hand. According to most authors, the origin of da Vinci's right hand palsy was related to a stroke.

Your boss could demand you get genetic testing and hand over the results, if this bill becomes law

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The bill would affect participants in workplace wellness programs, who can be charged significantly less for insurance.

Matthew Rhys Says His Parenting Style Is Less Chill Than Partner Keri Russell, Calls Her a 'Reassuring Hand'

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Rhys is appreciating the fact that his 'Americans' co-star and partner has been here before!

Masseuse, 70, Busted After Offering To Lend Undercover Cop A Hand (For $60)

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Septuagenarian Sun Yee Gribat is up to her old tricks, police more

Dutch to hand count votes over hacking fears

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The move follows reports that software used to tally results could be vulnerable to hackers.


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HAND IN HAND UNITED WE STAND (Main headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:LOVE-IN AT WHITE HOUSE

Roger Goodell Praises Tom Brady ... Wouldn't Be Awkward to Hand Him Trophy (VIDEO)

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Props to Colin Cowherd for asking Roger Goodell the question everyone's thinking -- if Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl, will it be awkward handing him the Lombardi Trophy??? Of course, Goodell waged the DeflateGate war against Brady and ultimately…

In 'world first', man born without hand gets one...

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In 'world first', man born without hand gets one... (Second column, 20th story, link)

Kobach Shows Hand On Homeland...

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Kobach Shows Hand On Homeland... (Third column, 10th story, link)

WR White: Cop had hand on gun in traffic stop

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WR White: Cop had hand on gun in traffic stop

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