Striking Los Angeles teachers rally near City Hall as talks resume

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Tens of thousands of striking Los Angeles teachers were joined by parents and students in a rally near City Hall on Friday, as contract talks mediated by the mayor resumed behind closed doors after a marathon negotiating session the day before.

Google plans 584,000 square-foot campus in Los Angeles

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Google plans an office space at what is currently a mall in West Los Angeles.

Trump Leaves G-20 With China Trade Truce, Plans To Cancel NAFTA Ahead Of New Pact

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The deal pauses a tariff increase that had been planned to take effect New Year's Day. President Trump called the meeting with China's president "amazing and productive."

U.S. Troops At Border: 4,000 Active-Duty Personnel Expected To Remain Through Jan. 31

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The overall size of the force will be reduced from its current level of around 5,900 personnel, Pentagon officials tell NPR. The deployment had been slated to end on Dec. 15.

In-N-Out Burger's $25,000 donation to California GOP brings call for boycott from Democrats

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In-N-Out Burger, the popular fast-food chain, has found itself the target of a boycott after donating $25,000 to the California GOP to boost party coffers ahead of the November election.  

Russia Prepares 300,000 Troops For Its Largest War Games In Nearly 4 Decades

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The exercise known as Vostok-2018 will occur next month and involve more than 1,000 aircraft and the help of Chinese soldiers. The Kremlin says it has not mustered drills on such a scale since 1981.
104 nabs $11M Series A led by Google to put bots to work testing apps

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For developers, the process of determining whether every new update is going to botch some core functionality can take up a lot of time and resources, and things get far more complicated when you’re managing a multitude of apps. is building a comprehensive system for app testing that relies on bots, not human labor, […]

Pico nabs $24.7M to create VR hardware that challenges Facebook, Google

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While there aren’t many VR hardware startups raising cash out there these days, there are far fewer that are securing investments to actually build the VR headsets themselves. Even as established tech giants are having a rough go-ahead with the headset market, Beijing-based Pico Interactive is looking to give it a go with a focus […]

Stormy Daniels' lawyer alleges Trump attorney Cohen received $500,000 from Russian oligarch

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The lawyer for adult-film star Stormy Daniels, who says she was paid $130,000 by Michael Cohen, the longtime attorney for U.S. President Trump, to stay quiet about a sexual encounter with Trump, on Tuesday claimed that Cohen received $500,000 from a Russian billionaire in the months after the 2016 U.S. election.

Why the former CFO of Google joined a Canadian VC firm after two years traveling the world

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Google's former chief financial officer, Patrick Pichette, explains why he decided that his next act would be as a general partner at the Canadian venture firm iNovia.

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