Trump attorney general pick William Barr would let Mueller finish Russia probe, Lindsey Graham says

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Graham's reassurance comes amid reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller and oversaw the special counsel's investigation, is planning to resign after Barr is confirmed.

US defense contractor CACI attempts to break up General Dynamics' acquisition of CSRA

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U.S. defense contractor CACI said it had offered to merge with larger peer CSRA, seeking to disrupt the latter's $6.8 billion acquisition by General Dynamics.

VA inspector general finds potentially dangerous conditions at D.C. hospital

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The chief watchdog for the Department of Veterans Affairs is investigating potentially dangerous conditions at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

'General Hospital' Actor Peter Hansen Dies at 95

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Peter Hansen -- who played Lee Baldwin for 5 decades on the iconic soap opera "General Hospital" -- died Sunday in Santa Clarita, California. Peter's character started out as an addiction counselor at the hospital, and then the role morphed into…

US is more vulnerable as North Korean missile tech advances, general says

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A senior general warned about North Korean missile advances, calling it "very challenging" in remarks to a Senate panel.

'It's not possible to imagine NATO' without the US, NATO secretary general says

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke with CNBC on Friday regarding NATO and defense spending.

Attorney General Orders Crackdown On 'Sanctuary Cities,' Threatens Holding Funds

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The Justice Department's order to withhold $4.1 billion in federal grants over immigration enforcement could affect major cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

U.S. attorney general says sanctuary cities may see federal grants cut

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Cities and states that protect immigrant felons from federal immigration laws may see cuts in Justice Department grants.

Shares of General Electric rise on report that Immelt could be 'pushed into retirement'

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Sources close to GE are telling Fox Business that CEO Jeffrey Immelt is being "pushed into early retirement" by an activist investor.

Trump accuses predecessor of 'McCarthyism,' wire-tapping during general election; Obama camp denies

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The president leveled a stunning accusation against his predecessor, suggesting he ordered a wire tap.

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