How top VCs view the new future of micromobility

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Earlier this month, TechCrunch held its annual Mobility Sessions event, where leading mobility-focused auto companies, startups, executives and thought leaders joined us to discuss all things autonomous vehicle technology, micromobility and electric vehicles. Extra Crunch is offering members access to full transcripts key panels and conversations from the event, including our panel on micromobility where […]

Puerto Rico Rep. Jenniffer González Colón Discusses The Future For The Island

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NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Rep. Jenniffer González Colón, the resident commissioner for Puerto Rico, about the island's political future following the governor's resignation.

Columbus Collaboratory’s Jeff Schmidt talks about the future of security

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In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Jeff Schmidt of the Columbus Collaboratory. He is well-versed in the future of security and our conversation ranged from the rise of the midwest to the future of cyberattacks. The Columbus Collaboratory is a unique think tank dedicated to building security and system solutions for major clients. […]

Crypto author Paul Vigna talks about the future of token sales

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 Paul Vigna, along with his writing partner Michael Casey, are crypto gurus. A crypto critic and Wall Street Journal reporter, Vigna sees through the hype and looks for the value inherent in the crypto system. Vigna and I spoke during this, the 100th episode of Technotopia. Vigna has a lot to say about the market and feels that his new book, the Truth Machine, picks up where his and… Read More

12 questions about the future of HQ trivia and its $15M fundraise

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 HQ is redefining mobile, creating through its twice-daily trivia games a sense of urgency that pierces the monotony of our social feeds. Now it’s raised a big round of funding to turn its scrappy operation into the Jeopardy from tomorrow. But just like its 12-round games, we’ve got 12 questions (and some answers) for HQ. Read More

Alphabet's shrinking margins spooked Wall Street, but analysts look towards its future beyond ads

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Wall Street winced at Alphabet's shrinking margins but analysts are excited about non-advertising opportunities like cloud, hardware, and self-driving cars

Field trips of the future?

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A biologist examines the benefits and drawbacks of virtual and augmented reality in teaching environmental science.

4 Ways The U.S. Could Fight Future Election Interference

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Protecting the casting and counting of votes is only one potential issue for policymakers. How a cyberattack might disrupt Election Day in 2018 or 2020 is one of the big unanswered questions.

The protest power of the colleges and the future of sports gaming

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The protest power of the colleges and the future of sports gaming

Self-driving cars could reshape the future of city planning and development

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Autonomous vehicles could reshape development and city planning more than the introduction of the automobile, Curbed reports.

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