Firework officially launches a short-form video storytelling app, backed by Lightspeed

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Facebook usage declined for the first time in a decade, while video-centric apps like TikTok are being touted as the future of social media. Entering this redefined playing field comes Firework, a fast-growing social video app whose clever trick is something it calls “Reveal videos” – a way for creators to take both horizontal and […]

Celestial firework marks nearest galaxy collision

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A spectacular galaxy collision has been discovered lurking behind the Milky Way. The closest such system ever found, the galaxy is only 30 million light years away. It has been dubbed "Kathryn's Wheel" both after the famous firework that it resembles. Such systems are very rare and arise from "bulls-eye" collisions between two galaxies of similar mass. Shockwaves from the collision compress reservoirs of gas in each galaxy and trigger the formation of new stars. This creates a spectacular ring of intense emission, and lights up the system like a Catherine wheel firework on bonfire night.

Maine man dies after trying to light firework on his head

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(Reuters) - A Maine man died during a Fourth of July celebration on Saturday night when he tried to launch a firework from the top of his head and it exploded, killing him instantly, police said Sunday.

Maine man dead after shooting firework off head, police say

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Fred Lambert and Doug G. WareCALAIS, Maine, July 5 (UPI) -- Maine saw its first firework-related death since legalizing the pyrotechnic toys two years ago, news media reported Sunday.

'Firework, Not Fire Fun': The Serious Jobs Of Pyrotechnic Pros

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With some 50,000 fireworks going off in just 25 minutes, Macy's Fourth of July fireworks display in New York City is the biggest in the U.S. — but the task of putting it all together is even bigger.

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