Bud raises $20M to connect banks to fintechs and other financial service providers

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Bud, the U.K. fintech that helps banks connect their apps and data to other fintech companies and financial service providers, has closed over $20 million in further funding. The Series A round sees the company pick up backing from a number of banks: HSBC (which, via First Direct, it also counts as a customer), Goldman […]

Ferrari shares drop 10% after new CEO calls financial targets 'aspirational'

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Newly appointed CEO Louis Camilleri made this remark in a conference call with analysts to discuss second-quarter earnings results, which were released Wednesday.

News: Virgin Atlantic slips into red for financial 2017

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Virgin Atlantic has revealed a £48.5 million after-tax loss for 2017, compared with a £187 million profit for the previous year.

Financial structure of early childhood education requires overhaul to make it accessible and affordable, report says

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High-quality early care and education (ECE) is critical to positive child development and has the potential to generate economic returns, but the current financing structure of ECE leaves many children without access to high-quality services and does little to strengthen the ECE workforce, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

News: International Airlines Group sees profits rise during financial 2017

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International Airlines Group has reported pre-tax profits of €2.49 billion for the year ended December 31st, up 5.6 per cent on the figure of €2.36 billion recorded the year before.

Dodd-Frank Reforms Will Not Necessarily Lead to Another Financial Crisis

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Changing the new financial reforms won't necessarily cause a repeat crisis.

Feds target 'fake' stock news on top financial websites...

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Feds target 'fake' stock news on top financial websites... (Second column, 9th story, link) Related stories:Articles By Authors Paid to Promote...

Trump will continue to get financial reports on the Trump Organization

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Eric Trump will provide his father with financial reports regarding Trump Organization, according to Forbes.

BUST: Art Sales Lowest Point Since Financial Crisis...

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BUST: Art Sales Lowest Point Since Financial Crisis... (Third column, 5th story, link) Related stories:SEARS Warns of 'Substantial Doubt' About Company's Future...PAYLESS Filing for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week...BOOM: STARBUCKS to create 240,000 jobs by 2021...
99 puts a financial twist on reinforcement learning to outperform hedge funds

LakeArrowhead (#1) 968 days ago Business pitai puts financial twist reinforcement learning outperform hedge funds All   Discuss  | Add To 
 Most hedge funds don’t make money. This hasn’t stopped a growing list of startups from trying their hands at employing machine learning to tip the scales in their favor. But, a new machine learning-powered hedge fund, adopted into the YC W17 class, thinks it can best Numerai, Quantopian and others with its own unique recipe for automating money making. Read More

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